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Are You Confusing Roof Mold with Algae in Irving, TX?

Do you know that the dark stains on your building’s roof act as an absorbing agent for the sun’s heat? While this may be the reason for an increased temperature inside your building, this may also be costing you higher energy bills! Thus, the frequent cleaning of your roof actually does make sense since it […]

Roof Inspection Irving TX


Anderson Industrial Roofing offers comprehensive roof inspections in Irving, Texas. Regular roof inspections are the key to maximizing the ROI of your roof. Waiting until problems become noticeable can make repairs more costly than they need to be. Scheduling regular roof inspections is a great way to catch issues in a more manageable stage. Sizzling […]

4 Potential Reasons Your New Roof Might Fail | Commercial Roofer Fort Worth, TX


Have you ever called a contractor and asked to fix your newly installed roof? If yes, we totally understand the reason for making such a call and that is; the terrible workmanship of your previous commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX. While this is a commonly observed problem, people expect a newly installed roof to […]

Preparing Your Roof For Winter In Five Steps | Roofer in Dallas, TX


Dallas, TX is located in that part of the world where the on average climate is humid subtropical. Roofs in Dallas, TX get to experience all four kinds of season. However, at certain time weather can go very intense usually in summer and winter causing several types of seasonal damage. In reality, roofs are one […]

The 7 Inspection Areas That No Professional Roofer Ever Misses in A Roof Inspection | Roofing in Dallas, TX


The function of every roof is to protect the homes that they cover. They are the guardians against the weather and whatever nature wants to befall on your home. While holding its fort, the roofing system will then itself be exposed to the elements, and it is only prudent to regularly perform a pre-maintenance check […]

9 Reasons to Get Your Roof Examined | Roofing in Irving, TX


Your house’s roof acts as the first line of defense against  the weather such as rain, hail, fire, excessive UV radiations, etc. However, often residents of the house fail to remember and appreciate the importance of the roof over their heads. Thus, it is very imperative to keep an eye on the condition of the […]

Should You Repair Or Replace Roofing Before Selling Your House? | Roofer in Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to selling your house, there are a number of things you need to look into. The top-most priority is usually given to getting the best buyer for the house. However, when preparing the house for the viewing, the roofing in Fort Worth, TX plays a crucial role in increasing or decreasing the […]

Get rid of the Black Stains on an Asphalt Shingle Roof | Commercial Roofer in Fort Worth, TX


Let’s put it this way, your commercial building is 10 years old now. The asphalt shingles have started to stain badly due to the heat exposure. Now, is there anything you can do to remove the stains from the asphalt shingles and to prevent them from further staining? Well, the answer is yes. But for […]

Dos and Don’ts of Roofing Every Homeowner Must Know | Roofers in Dallas, TX

Roofing in Dallas Texas can be a chore. In this post, we have provided a few do’s and don’ts that will help you along the way to ensure that your roofing is in impeccable condition and delivers returns on your investment for years to come.  Take a look at the Don’ts first, since it will […]

How to Give Your House A Fetching Look By Choosing The Perfect Color For Your Roof | Roofers in Dallas, TX


Choosing the right roofing in Dallas TX for your home is a tough decision. But that’s just the first step. When you get through that, selecting a color that not only suits your roof but goes with your house perfectly can be tricky. It is similar to choosing the right color combination for your wardrobe, […]