At Anderson Industrial Roofing, we proudly offer a complete line of commercial roof coating and industrial roof coating services. Roof coatings present an effective, cost-efficient solution besides the costly, time-consuming constraints of complete roof replacement. They are also another option besides the stopgaps of large repair work over time.

With a roof coating, a roof is completely refurbished. It lets building owners and facility managers avoid the heavy expenses, inefficiency, and environmental impact of intensive roof tear-off and disposal. After a coating application, your commercial or industrial roof will look and function like it is brand new!

Contact us today for a free roof estimate. We will help you take your roof to a new level of performance and transform it from a leaky, aging topside barrier to a cool, energy-saving asset.

Commercial/Industrial Roof Coatings – Cost Benefits

Sometimes a roof may not need complete replacement or large-scale repair work. Those costs add up over time and many roofs are replaced prematurely. In fact, industry studies confirm 70-80% of roofs are replaced before they need be.

Here’s an overview of the costs of each option:

Roof Replacement

  • High labor input costs
  • Expensive roof tear-off
  • Costly disposal of old materials
  • Landfill usage fees
  • High costs for new materials
  • Costly operations disruption
  • Time-demanding future repairs

 Roof Restoration

  • Low labor-related expenses
  • Little-to-no tear-off needed
  • Fewer-to-no materials to dispose
  • Avoid landfill fees
  • Lower costs for new materials
  • No business shutdown required
  • Less expensive future repairs

In other words, a roof coating application can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in savings. And you don’t have to deal with the severe costs of shutting down operations for the time needed to complete roof replacement.

Industrial/Commercial Roof Coating Services

With 25+ years of industry expertise and counting, Anderson Industrial Roofing is a premier roofing service provider based in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our team prides itself on the exceptional workmanship, service, and solutions we give to every customer. Part of this mission is using quality products as well as providing expert services from capable roofers.

For industrial and commercial roof restoration projects, Anderson Industrial Roofing uses a product line with a 35+ year record. These products have been applied on 2+ billion square feet nationwide, and they perform well in all climates.

Here are what our roof coating products can do for you:

  • Avoid costly, inefficient roof tear-off & replacement
  • Form a seamless, waterproof barrier over an existing roof
  • Can rejuvenate old roof’s life for another 20-25 years or more
  • Easily expands & contracts with temperature changes
  • Strong protection against severe wind, hail, leaks, solar radiation & more
  • Great durability, longevity & tensile strength
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • No more entry points for leaks, water drips & more
  • Reflects 85% of the sun’s rays for possible 30% A/C cost savings
  • Fewer upkeep & maintenance demands per year
  • Lower HVAC repair & upkeep costs
  • Can be backed by non-prorated warranties

Coatings & Waterproofing Systems We Use!

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Commercial/Industrial Roof Coating Services

  • Comprehensive roof inspections
  • Industrial roofing services
  • Commercial roof coatings
  • Industrial roof coatings
  • Flat roof coatings & restoration
  • Metal roof coatings & restoration
  • Rubber roof coatings & restoration
  • Single-ply roof coatings & restoration
  • Elastomeric roof coatings
  • Roof recoating services
  • Cool roof systems
  • Waterproofing
  • Spray foam roofing & coatings

You can count on Anderson Industrial Roofing’s 25+ years of industry reputation. Call us today for a no-cost roof coating estimate!