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Should You Issue A Roof Replacement Before Selling Your House?

Roof Replacement Before Selling Your Home

Selling a home requires getting your property in the best condition possible for potential buyers. One popular fix amongst Dallas sellers is a roof replacement.  A roof replacement can bring added value to your home that also takes a lot of stress out of a deal for both sellers and buyers. However, it’s understandable why […]

Top Reasons Why Roof Coating is Environmentally Friendly

Top Reasons Why Roof Coating is Environmentally Friendly

One of the best solutions for helping your commercial roof beat the heat is by taking advantage of roof coating services offered by a local roofing contractor. Not only can a roof coating help cool down your rooftop but it can also provide an environmentally-friendly solution for your structure. Most businesses these days are concerned […]

Planning and Financing Your Roof Repair and Replacement

Financing your roof repair

Roof repairs or replacements can be a major event for your commercial or residential building. Regardless if you are Dallas business owner or homeowner, a roof repair is something that needs to be financially planned out. Don’t go into your next big roofing project blind. Let the pros at Anderson Industrial Roofing show you some […]

5 Most Common Winter Roof Repair and Replacement Requests

Common Winter Roof Repair

Although roof repair seems to be a spring or summer job, there are several repair and replacement jobs that keep roofers busy in during the cooler times of the year. If you are in need of a roof installation or experience specific roofing issues, it may be time to consider a winter roofing contract. 1. […]

Weather Conditions and Your Residential Roof

How Weather Causes Residential Roof Damage

Texas is a state that is fortunate enough to actually let occupants experience the four changing seasons. However, while you are experiencing the benefits of the different weather changes, your roof may be taking the brunt end of the deal. Some homeowners think that weather damage and roof repair only happen during large hurricanes or […]

What To Expect During A Roof Inspection

What to Expect in a Roof inspection

If you have lived in your home for a lengthy amount of time, then you already know that a roof inspection is something that should be performed periodically. A roof inspection is important to ensure roof safety or confirm the need for repair if something is out of place. For new homeowners, the thought of […]

4 Things to Know Before Installing a Metal Roof

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing seems to be an increasingly popular choice for both business and home roof replacements in the Dallas Metroplex. Although many people who choose these roofs have done their research about the material, the team at Anderson Industrial Roofing has some thoughts for those considering a new roof. Your new roof is going to be a […]

5 Reasons for Metal Roof Installation for Your Next Roof Replacement

Metal Roof For Residential Roofing

A residential or commercial roof replacement is a major decision for any owner. Whether you have experienced current roof damage or your roof has simply worn out over its lifetime, the move to have a roof replaced takes a lot of consideration. While you could always opt to replace your roof with the same material […]

4 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Roofing Job

Dangers of DIY Roofing Repair

Whether you are in need of a residential or commercial roofing repair, there are some big decisions that will need to be made. Do you hire a local roofing contractor to get the repair or replacement done? Do you attempt to make the repairs yourself? While you may fancy yourself a handyman, there are still […]