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Flat Roof Repair in Dallas, Texas

Flat roof repair services DFW

Has your flat roof recently sustained damage and where it needs repair? Or perhaps you’ve just reached a point where your old flat roof can’t go on any longer. The professionals at Anderson Industrial Roofing are here to help. Our team of experienced roofers can fix any number of flat roof problems: Pooling water & […]

Flat Roofing Options for Building Owners | Commercial Roofers in Dallas, TX


Building owners have a ridiculous amount of decisions to take regarding all aspects of their businesses. With so much to do, and such little time, it’s no surprise that the roofing in Dallas, TX of several buildings often gets neglected. In most cases, the variety of options available for building roofing systems also makes it […]

Un-shading the Shaded: How Trees Can Damage Your Roofing System in Dallas, TX?


The foliage and the trees in our front yard – well, no one can deny that they look majestic and they add a certain value to the aesthetic appeal of our homes. They act as windbreakers, prevent soil erosion, provide shade to our homes under the scorching sun of Texas, and some varieties of it […]

Asking the Roofers in Irving, TX: How Pest Birds Can Damage a Roofing System?


A Story in Review December 20th, 2008 – This was just another day. The queues of cars lined up at the Shell station, located in the Yuma County of Arizona. One by one they came, stationed and departed the gas station after being re-fuelled. Everything was going as per norm, when suddenly Ms. Chris Doss […]

The Ultimate Guide on Roofing Projects in Fort Worth, TX


Over the span of time our roofs deteriorate due to the constant expansion and contractions caused by the heat in the summers and the cold in the winters. This constant expansion weakens the roofs membrane making to more vulnerable to leaks and cracks; this has the tendency of ruining the festive season as no one […]

Flat Roof Repair in Bedford, Texas


If your commercial flat roof has experienced some pesky issues, the professional flat roof repair technicians at Anderson Industrial Roofing can help! We have many years of experience in the roofing industry and will utilize this to rejuvenate your flat roof’s performance. If you are based in Tarrant County, call us today so we can […]

Flat Roof Repair Carrollton TX


Does your flat roof require professional flat roof repair services? If you’re in need of assistance from a reputable contractor in Carrollton, Texas, contact the experts at Anderson Industrial Roofing. We provide a complete collection of repair and waterproofing solutions for all flat roof issues. Regardless of the size of your roofing situation, we can […]

Flat Roof Repair Richardson TX

Do you need professional flat roof repair services? If you’re looking for assistance from a contractor in Richardson, Texas, call the professionals at Anderson Industrial Roofing. We offer a complete line of repair and waterproofing solutions for all flat roof repair issues. Whether your roof has localized issues or extensive damage, we’ve got you covered. […]

Flat Roof Repair Service in Plano, Texas


Are you in need of flat roof repair services? If your building or facility is located near Plano, Texas, Anderson Industrial Roofing can help. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve proudly served more than 10,000 customers in Texas and the surrounding states. Our experienced repair specialists have the knowledge and skills needed to identify and […]