Have you ever called a contractor and asked to fix your newly installed roof? If yes, we totally understand the reason for making such a call and that is; the terrible workmanship of your previous roofing company.

While this is a commonly observed problem, people expect a newly installed roof to last for at least several years. And that is perfectly fine to expect as the new roof must provide decades of reliable longevity. We do not expect our building’s new roof to fail almost immediately since we count on it for that, but if it does then the most common reason for it to happen is poor workmanship.

Speaking of which, hiring a professional and well-reputed commercial roofer is very crucial for your roofing project. Just like the way we plan the type of roof, its material and the cost for it, similarly, planning, searching and selecting a professional commercial roofer is equally important. The installation of a roof is, however, not a cheap task. Along with time, it also takes up a lot of money for its installation or repair.

A roofing project is nonetheless a long-term investment when it comes to commercial buildings. This investment, however, does not only matter in terms of money but also for the safety of the people inside the structure. A little bit of negligence and a nonprofessional attitude from a roofing contractor may cause a brand new roof to fail and to put the lives of many people at stake. Therefore, in order to provide you with adequate information on such kinds of roofing mistakes done by the commercial roofers, let us dig deep and discuss the four potential reasons that might fail your new roof almost immediately.


Installing a Roof Is More Than Just Layering Shingles

When it comes to installing a new roof, a commercial roofer has to be an expert in performing the task. This project, if not taken seriously, may leave you with a complete mess than a relief.

Therefore, let us have a look at the potential reasons for new roof failure.


Poor Workmanship

They say the finest shingles in this world are just as good as the professional contractor putting it on. Even if the commercial roofer chooses to install the best available shingle, if it is installed poorly, the roof will definitely fail.

Poor workmanship is considered the most common reason for a new roof to fail. The poor workmanship may include inappropriately placed shingles, inadequate detail work on penetrations, alternating shortcuts, and improper intersections from roof to walls. All of these factors ultimately result in blowing off shingles, the frequent leaks, and the damage to the roof’s surface or even the growth of mold or mildew on your roof’s deck.

Therefore, you should never compromise when choosing a commercial roofing company. Always hire the one that is not only experienced in taking up the roofing project but also well-versed with the different roofing products, leak barriers, and other uncommon roofing problems.


Failed Ventilation Strategies

We know that it is vital to maintain a healthy and dry attic space because balanced attic ventilation keeps the roof healthy. Moreover, healthy attic ventilation prevents our roof from annoying ice dams that are formed after heavy snowfall.

However, during the installation of the roof, ventilation is somehow the most neglected and overlooked aspect of the roofing project. This is because; the roofers fail to apply the new and advanced roofing techniques. They believe that if something has worked previously, somehow it will continue to do so.

Balanced ventilation is, therefore, not only ideal but is easily achievable. This can be accomplished if the commercial roofer is familiar with the use of current and advanced ventilation technology. Besides, this is only applicable if the contractor is also aware of the ways to perform the job perfectly. In addition, a professional contractor must inspect the attic space and address the ventilation mechanism of your building in advance and before initiating the project.


Choosing Cheap Material for Your Roofing Project

The failed and foolish strategy of saving a little amount sometimes costs a lot! This is true in the case of skimping on materials and choosing the cheapest bid. If your commercial roofer is skimping on items like sealants, edge metal or leak barriers then you need to immediately inquire about the material they are using for your roofing project.

It is important to understand that cutting the cost of items like leak barrier or sealant may save you a little in real-time but soon enough, it will surely going to cost you a big amount for the roof repair. Whenever a contractor tries to cut cost with these ‘cost corners’, we usually accept these mistakes. And we do this in the hope of choosing the best yet the cheapest roofing contractor which ultimately becomes a potential reason for our roof to fail.


A New Roof Is Layered over the Old Roof

You must have heard it before, that it’s perfectly fine to layer a new roof over an existing one. That it is cheaper to layer your old roof with a new one then getting into the hassle of demolition. While this may sound familiar, layering new shingles over the old ones is the worst mistake commercial roofers can make.

Such kind of mistake on the part of roofers may be because of two factors; either they don’t realize the impact of taking such a step or they are simply cutting cost and saving money. Therefore, a roof must be installed on a secure and clean decking and there is no way around this rule.


What If the Mistake Has Already Happened?

If you are already a victim of poor workmanship, then to work around this problem, simply hire the expert roofers at Anderson Industrial Roofing. Their team of highly experienced professionals is not only well-reputed in Dallas-Fort Worth but they also deal with the most uncommon roofing problems in an exceptionally well manner.