Your commercial roof has held up through some nasty heat this past summer in Dallas, Texas. With fall in full swing, now is the perfect time to start examining your roof for any issues before the winter cold rolls into town.

In the spirit of the fall season, here are six horrific issues you should be wary of when approaching roof repairs and maintenance this fall!

Clogged Gutters

Many people take the combination of gutters and roof protection for granted and let the fall leaves and debris pile up over the season. If this debris is left to rot and solidify in the gutters, they will eventually clog your system or become distorted from the weight of the trash. 

Malfunctioning or broken gutters will quickly lead to roof problems like leaks when water and snow in the winter have nowhere to go. We recommend cleaning out your gutters at least once a week as positive preventative maintenance.

Dead Shingles

Even though we had a hot summer, it was still one full of random rain and wind storms. This means that by fall, your shingle roof may have taken some substantial hits that resulted in loosening or even missing parts. 

While a broken shingle here and there may not seem like the biggest problem, they actually open up your roof and home to many different issues including:

  • Wood Rot
  • Water Ruining the Roof
  • Mold in Your Home
  • Eventual Structural Damage

Tree Damage

Trees that have been planted too close to the roof can be the cause of a true American horror story if the branches break during a fall or winter wind and damage the structure of your roof. When this happens, leaks are bound to plague your home. 

Also, close trees promote double trouble because, with leaves in close proximity to your home, the chances are now even higher for those gutter problems we discussed earlier.

“Roof Renters”

Damaged shingles and ill-maintained roofs are open invitations to rodents and insects that would love to take up residence in your home. These invaders will nest under your loose shingle, bite through your roof, and eventually make their way into your attic and the wiring and piping in that space. 

Not only do pests cause substantial damage on their own, but they also open the door for the more serious issues like fire hazards, leaks, and mold.

Chase Your Roofing Nightmares Away With Anderson Industrial Roofing

If you realize you’ve fallen victim to any of these issues and they’ve caused substantial damage to your roof, Anderson Industrial Roofing can help. We are Dallas’ trusted commercial and residential roofing company and can repair or replace almost any roof our clients send our way. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our commercial roofing services in your area!