The installation or repair of a commercial roof is a job that requires professionalism and experience. If you are a business owner who needs work done on their commercial building’s roof, you don’t want this job to be undertaken by just anyone. Make sure you ask these important questions before letting a roofing crew set foot on your rooftop.

Are You Qualified To Install The Roof I Want?

How well qualified the team is for the job matters. This is the point where you’ll want to know if they’ve worked on similar commercial roofing projects, what their new-hire probationary policies are, and how the company trains workers for what you need.

You want your roof to be high-quality while also reducing the chance of workers being hurt on the job due to inexperience.

Do You Have The Necessary Insurance?

Insurance always matters in a roofing job. You always want to have your project and yourself protected. The possibility of unforeseen issues on the project is there, so ask your roofing contractor for a certificate of insurance.

 The insurance you are looking for includes workman’s comp and general liability. This is the minimum insurance you should accept, and should especially be a requirement if your potential contractor employs subcontractors to carry out the work.

Will You Supply A Container For Refuse Material?

Refuse material that comes from your old roof not only gets messy on the ground but is also very expensive to dispose of. The average cost of a refuse container for a commercial roof can reach into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars to rent. 

A professional commercial roof contractor will ensure that any containers for refuse material will be delivered on-site by their company, and the refuse from your roof will not be anything you handle when the job is over.

May I Have A Copy Of The Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Always ask your contractor for a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty. This guarantees your roofing materials are covered in the case of defective roofing products. Also, make sure to read the fine print and ask your contractor what could void the warranty. Usually, this involves failure to provide preventative maintenance on your roof or the wrong materials applied during a DIY repair.

Do You Add An Additional Warranty?

Finally, find out if your contractor offers an additional warranty for their work. Most reputable roofing companies offer warranties that help clients with issues that could arise from installation methods after the job is done. Your contractor will be able to tell you how long a warranty is effective and what coverage is possible.

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