The average lifespan of a commercial roof has a wide range between 10 and 40 years. While this highly depends on the materials put into the roof’s construction, there are measures commercial building managers can take to promote longevity. 

No one looks forward to a roof replacement, so take notes, and put into practice some of these maintenance tips that will help add some years to your building’s roofing system.

Inspect Your Roof Multiple Times a Year

While many Dallas roofing companies advise annual roof inspections, we say why stop at one? With multiple inspections throughout the year, you can easily avoid some of the leading roofing problems like leaks, cracks or missing tiles and shingles. Finding the weakness in your roof before it becomes a major problem is key.

We suggest scheduling professional inspections twice a year and performing an in-house inspection after a Texas storm has swept through your area.

Avoid DIY Repairs

Even if you discover an issue with your roof during a scheduled inspection, please don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Even though your roof may seem like a standard building feature, a commercial roof is actually a system with several components that include:

  • Drainage
  • Insulation
  • Flashing

Any repairs to this system are crucial and should only be undertaken by a local roofing professional who can ensure the job is carried out right. 

Remove Debris Clogging Up Your Roof

Branches, leaves, and other debris from the great outdoors can contribute to shingle damage, malfunctioning gutters, and tile deterioration. Take the time to have a member of your team routinely clear off your roof of any unwanted debris. 

While foot traffic on your roof isn’t something we’d encourage on a regular basis, a visit here and there to quickly ensure your roof is clear can make a huge difference in rooftop longevity.

Clear the Area Surrounding Your Roof

You can even prevent debris from touching your rooftop by clearing the area around it. Routinely have your trees and shrubbery trimmed down to keep their natural clutter away from your commercial roof.

Branches that are able to touch your roof not only create debris but also gouge your roofing surface during storms. Storms can also create fallen branches that have the potential to create damaging holes in your system.

Need a Roof Replacement? Get a Reliable Option Through Anderson Industrial Roofing

At Anderson Industrial Roofing, we understand how paramount roof quality is for a commercial building. That’s why we’re always available to help pick up the pieces when a roof replacement is the only option for your location. 

If you got to this post too late and are in need of a roof replacement, we have your back! Contact us today to find out more about our commercial roofing services in your area.