A roof replacement should never be a project one enters into blindly. Whether you are in need of commercial or residential roof replacement, make sure you are prepared for everything a replacement entails.

Roof replacements are time-consuming, expensive projects that can create quite a bit of stress for the unprepared client. Before you sign off on your roofing job, read through these pointers to ensure your experience is a good one. 

Roof Replacements Are Noisy

This is something to especially keep in mind if a commercial roof replacement is in your future. There is lots of scraping, stripping, and hammering involved that can create a significant distraction in the workplace. 

We suggest keeping employees and neighbors informed on your upcoming project and plan accordingly for those sensitive to loud noises.

Think About The Right Questions to Ask

It’s important to go into any large upgrade with questions for your contractor. Before even signing on with your roofing company, make sure you have the right questions prepared that will help you determine if you’ve made the right decision.

Some items to ask about include:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Their experience with jobs like yours
  • Their cleanup policy, etc.

Make Sure You’ve Picked Out The Right Material

Based on the budget of your project and the overall aesthetic of your structure, knowing the materials your project will require is essential. There are many different options to select from on the market that have varying cost differences.

Your roofing contractor will be able to help you determine if your roofing material choices are a good fit, or if there is a more beneficial option available in your price range. Remember, you want your roof to last 20 plus years. The materials you put into your replacement should be one of your highest priorities.

Get Your Roof Inspected Before Work Commences

Even if you already know it’s time for a roof replacement, scheduling an inspection can help solidify your decision while also pointing out the exact aspects of your roof that need to be replaced. This type of inspection can show if there are issues within your actual roof frame.

Discovering these problems and solving them prior to a replacement can further prolong the lifespan of your new roof!

Get Ahold of Essential Documents 

Before approving a local roofing contractor to start your project, ask your contractor for essential documents. Keep yourself in the loop on the details of your project by asking for:

  • A copy of the project’s contract;
  • The building permit for the project; and
  • A letter from the business’ insurance company confirming your project is covered.

Get a Secure Roof Replacement with Anderson Industrial Roofing

When you work with Anderson Industrial Roofing, you are working with a Dallas contractor that prioritizes your comfort from start to finish. Our roof replacement team will take the time to go over any concerns you may have during your project and ensure your new roof is built to last. Get in touch with us today to kick-off your upcoming roof replacement.