Signs That you Have Hired the Wrong Dallas TX Roofing Contractor

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Posted on January 6, 2017 by Anderson Industrial Roofing

signs-that-you-have-hired-the-wrong-dallas-tx-roofing-contractorThat time of the year has arrived when everyone in Dallas TX is either thinking about getting their roof replaced, or is currently having their roof revamped by a contractor. Other home owners, on the other hand start considering a roof replacement only until the last moment when cracks and leaks in the roof make it evident that the roof requires work. If proper action is not taken the roof will slowly become weaker, giving way to more cracks and leaks. A weak roof that has been damaged through wear and tear also has the tendency of collapsing which is exactly why it is imperative to replace your roof before it is too late.
Since people are not well versed with roofing projects they often end up hiring the wrong person for the job. These inefficient contractors not only overcharge, but the work that is done is generally not at par with the more experienced roof replacement and repair services. A substandard roofing project will demand constant repairs and this defies the purpose of having your roof replaced as a quality roofing project in Dallas TX often has an extensive warranty for about 25 years. These contractors cut corners by using cheap materials to keep costs down and often use absolute techniques to replacing the roof of your home which will prove to cause problems in the future.

Signs that you hired the wrong person for the job

If you are one of those poor souls who has already hired a roofing contractor in Dallas TX then you should consider the warnings given below, if your current contractor has all of the qualities mentioned below it is recommended that you consider hiring someone else to complete the project in order to complete the project with more proficiency.

  • Unfriendly or hostile attitude: If your current roofing contract has a very difficult attitude or uses a condescending tone that is a sure sign that contractor wants to keep his distance. This indicates that the contractor is avoiding contact with you because he or she is hiding something.
  • No license: If your current contractor does not have a license then immediately consider hiring someone else to complete the project. In order to operate in Dallas every individual is required by the state to have a license; if they do not have a license this means that he or she does not have the required qualifications.
  • No insurance: Another sign that you should reconsider your current contractor is if he or she cannot provide you with insurance papers. If the contract is not insured and any damage occurs to the property you will have no one to hold liable. Also if the contractor is injured during the completion of the project you will end up paying all of the relevant medical bills.
  • No communication: If your current contractor does not keep you updated at each step then this is a red flag indicating that he or she prefers working in isolation as they might be hiding something. It is recommended that you keep communicating with the contractor to make sure everything is on track.
  • Not punctual: Another sign of an incompetent contractor is that they are not punctual. Punctuality is the key when it comes to roofing projects as the work involves a lot of extensive labor. If your current contractor is showing up late or if you feel the project is taking longer than necessary then consider hiring a different roofing contractor in Dallas TX
  • Mode of payment: This is also a vital sign that indicates the ineptitude of your current contractor is if they request payments in an unusual manner. In most cases contractors only request for an advance payment in order to get materials, if he or she keeps asking for money at random intervals this is no doubt a sign that something deceitful might be going on.
  • Refuses to explain: Another method of finding out if your current contractor is up to the mark, is questioning him or her about the methodology they employ. A good contractor will be more than willing to tell you about the different techniques they utilize and how effective they are. If your contractor is reluctant or hesitant in explaining things you should immediately revaluate your options.
  • No references: If you’re current contractor cannot provide you with a valid reference, this indicates that none of their previous clients were satisfied with the work completed. If the contractor provides quality work in a timely manner he or she will definitely have references from previous clients.
  • No work plan provided: Almost every contractor provides their clients with a projected work plan. This work plan incorporates the project start day and the estimated complete time. The work plan will also take into account unforeseen delays to ensure efficiency. If your contractor can not provide a work plan this indicates that they are not well versed in their line of work.
  • No estimate provided: One final indication that your current contractor is not the right person for the job is that they do not provide an extensive estimate on the project. This estimate will include the cost of labor and materials. If you have not been provided an estimate prior to the start of the project then this indicates that the contractor might be trying to make as much money as possible.

In most cases people do not even realize that they have hired an incompetent roofing contractor in Dallas TX, these signs given above will indicate that your current contractor is not the right person for the job.