Energy-Efficient-Roofing-in-Irving-TX-A-return-on-your-HVAC-investmentAs commercial roofing in Irving, TX is a must have for every commercial business owner, commercial roofers are constantly adopting new roofing methods and better materials to provide a long lasting protection to roofs. When it comes to choices, people usually go for a variety of options available in the market in terms of material, color, style, and design.

However, not many people consider the other long term factors which are equally associated with commercial roofing in Irving, TX nowadays. So if the chosen commercial roofing in Irving, TX is energy efficient, what value does it hold for your business?


What do we mean by Energy Efficient Roofing?

Energy Efficient Roofing (or a cool roof) is a classification of roofing based on the material used in commercial roofing in Irving, TX. This type saves energy, keeping the roof and the building much cooler during the hot seasons. If a commercial building is located in a warm climate with environmental deteriorations like pollution, industrial waste or drainage, this type of commercial roofing in Irving, TX is the next move for a business’s roofing needs.

Moreover, with this method, a business can effectively cut down its cooling cost on an yearly basis. Plus, it is also good for the environment we live in. The great news is that improving the energy efficiency of your roof does not have to be costly. Small changes can create a big difference in the way commercial roofing in Irving, TX is experienced.


What makes commercial roofing in Irving, TX an energy efficient project?

To understand the concept of energy efficiency associated with commercial roofing, we first need to accept the fact that every aspect of commercial roofing in Irving, TX (whether it’s the material or even the color of your roof) makes a difference to the amount of heat being observed by the roof itself.

Just by going to the roof on a sunny day and by touching the roof’s surface, it will become evident that the more exposure the roof’s surface gets to the sun’s heat, the hotter it will become. The same effect becomes evident when your roof is of a darker color.

Keeping this in mind, cool roofing takes advantage of specific technologies and material properties to offer an energy efficient roofing option.

Energy efficient roofing materials use two basic properties that are Reflection and Emittance. The better the reflection and emittance properties of a roofing material, the more cooling effect it offers. Performance standards for energy efficient commercial roofing in Irving, TX are generally based on the performance after 3 years of service. This is due to the fact that a roof’s solar reflection property can change over time due to accumulation of dirt and normal wear and tear over time.

Below, we have discussed some of the major pros and cons that come with the installation of energy efficient roofing:


The Pros and Cons of Energy Efficient Roofing

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of choosing energy efficient roofing for your commercial needs.

  • Pro—Saving on Cooling Costs: It is evident that during warm sunny days, the roof of a building is the basic source of heat absorption which is further transmitted into the building. The more the building absorbs heat, the more you will have to run your air conditioning. Therefore, energy efficient roofing is the ultimate solution to reducing your cooling costs as it significantly lowers the roof’s heat absorption capacity and is an energy efficient solution.
  • Pro—Durability and Extended Roof Life: The excessive heat absorption by exposed roof surfaces can cause severe degradation of the roof and reduce its durability. For a sustainable and long lasting roof surface, it is necessary that it should be heat resistant. Therefore, energy efficient material holds the reflection properties to minimize the heat absorption. This is useful considering the fact that if you don’t use air conditioning; a natural cooling effect into a commercial building set up is more comfortable to operate in.
  • Con—Lighter Roof Colors Get Dirtier Easily: Energy efficient products are mainly based on using lighter colors to reduce heat absorption. However, products like light gray asphalt shingles give a dirtier look more frequently if they develop algae, leading to recurrent cleaning requirements. However, for a roofing project to be energy efficient, it is necessary that it should reduce heat retention in the building and lighter roof colors are one of the basic changes you can make in this regard.
  • Con—Heat reduction in winters due to cooler roofing: During the winters, the heat absorption of a normal roof is beneficial to maintain the temperature of the building. However, in case you have opted for energy efficient roofing, then during the warmer season, you might need to increase the heating temperature. Since the roofing style cannot be changed frequently or from season to season, therefore this is one of the cons of energy efficient roofing. However, in most cases, the additional cost of heating needed during winters is majorly offset by the cooling costs saved due to energy efficient commercial roofing in Irving, TX.


Are you looking for an expert for commercial roofing in Irving, TX to provide you with the leading energy efficient roofing solution? Regardless of how much time you invest in planning for your new roof or cost saving ideas, it is necessary that this task is done by a team of experts who are specialized in this field. This will ensure that you get the desired results with long lasting effects to avoid frequent repairs and maintenance.

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