Silicone Commercial Roofing Dallas TX

Often times, we fail to realize the importance of the roofs above our heads even though they are one of the most important features in our buildings. There’s also very little information available about the different types of roofs that people can get installed in their buildings. Here you’ll learn a bit about Commercial Silicone Roof Coatings in the Dallas, TX area.

However, the days when buildings had traditional roofs are long gone as more and more people are getting commercial roofs installed their place. The benefits to having commercial roofs are plenty as these types of roofs guarantee a much better durability as opposed to traditional roofs.

Commercial Roofs

Nowadays, the norm is to have commercial roofs installed in all types of buildings, because not only do they enhance the appearance of the buildings, they can also increase the value of a building by a lot. Most buildings these days have already upgraded from traditional roofs to more fancy commercial roofs.

If you are looking for a commercial roof to get installed in your building, here are a few types:

  • Solar Panels: Solar Panels have outstanding capabilities to save energy. They are capable of soaking up sunlight and extracting energy from it. This energy can be used to light up anything, even buildings.
  • Thermoplastic: The most common and favored type of commercial roofing is thermoplastic roofing. This is because it is made up of PVC and TPO, the two main components that make the roofing system waterproof. This ensures that leaks and cracks will be the least of your worries. They also guarantee durability and can last for a minimum of 40 years.
  • EPDM: This is the easiest commercial roofing that you can install in your buildings and it also guarantees the most durability. EPDM roofs are very easy to install and maintain, saving you from the costs and hassle of repairing the cracks and other nuisances on your building’s roof.

Commercial roofs are mostly favored for the endless benefits that come with them as well as the long lasting and promising durability they offer. However, this does not mean that commercial roofing systems are completely invincible to damage. If not maintained and cared for regularly, they may start to show cracks and leaks on the edges after some years.

This is why roofing contractors recommend commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX to save you the trouble of constantly running back and forth in order to get your roofs repaired.

Commercial Silicone Roof Coating in Dallas, TX

All types of roofs are susceptible to damage such as leakages on a rainy day. In order to prevent this from happening to your commercial roofing systems, it is highly advised that you get a commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX.

However, determining the type of commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX that would suit you best is a task on its own. Here are a few types of commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX:

  • Silicone: Silicone roof coatings are mainly used to cover and protect SPF roofs, also known as Spray Polyurethane Foam roofs. They have been in existence in the industry for quite a long time and are highly favored due to their permeability. Silicone commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX is better for areas where UV exposure is frequent and temperature ranges are extreme. However, a drawback of silicone coatings is that it is very easy for dirt to stick on them. Therefore, it is better to have them in buildings that aren’t very exposed to dirt, strong winds or dust storms.
  • SEBS: SEBS or Thermoplastic coatings have been devised especially for metal roofs. However, SEBS can be applied on any type of roof surface, such as metal, concrete or urethane foam. With SEBS, algae and moss should be the least of your worries as well as water, since it is highly resistant.
  • Foam: Spray foam roof coatings are popularly known for being energy efficient, cost-efficient and for their long life expectancy. However, if foam roof coatings are not applied professionally and with proper attention, the surface is bound to give the roof an uneven finish, meaning that the roof’s surface will be high from somewhere and low from elsewhere. Not only is this unattractive to look at, it will also take away the many benefits of Spray Roof Coatings.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic roof coatings are made with only one component so there’s not a lot of mixing and chemicals involved in the procedure. They are also water-based materials. There is a low chance of any hazardous toxicity taking place and acrylic coatings also have low flammability. However, cooler climates do not suit acrylic coatings as this may cause them to freeze. At the same time, the climate should not be too hot or it will not set properly, causing an uneven surface on your roof. Another negative trait of acrylic roof coatings is that if there’s water sitting on the roof for too long, then the coating might return back to its liquid state.

Can You Install Commercial Roof Coating in Dallas, TX by Yourself?

It is not recommended to attempt to do so yourself, but instead to hire a professional roofing contractor to do so for you. If you do attempt to apply commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX by yourself, then it may result in causing serious harm to you or to the quality of your existing commercial roofing system due to the type of chemicals involved in the procedure of making it. There is also a possibility of you not getting the mixture right which may lead to further complications.

However, if you are interested in getting a commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX, then you should work with a team of professional roofing contractors who can get the job done efficiently. Contact Anderson Industrial Roofing to get the finest quality of commercial roof coating in Dallas, TX installed in your building for very reasonable prices.  Scheduled your Inspection Today!

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