Commercial Roof RepairRoof repair and replacement is something that all commercial owners want to avoid at all costs. Sadly, commercial roofing repair is something that many businesses end up having to face over time. That is why we believe it is important to know the many issues that can quickly add up to a repair or replacement job.

6. Ponding Water

Leaks and moisture are specific problems that can easily lead to roof repair in the Dallas, Texas area. However, an even bigger problem involving moisture and exposure to the elements is ponding water. If water stands on a roof for more than 48 hours it is classified as a threat.

Simply one inch of water can weigh around five pounds per square foot. When all of the math is done, the extra weight poses a threat to the structure of the building and could result in a roof collapse.

By getting in touch with a commercial roofing contractor, you can find ways to create proper drainage on the roof through tapered roof installation or other means.

5. Foot Traffic Penetration and More

If you own a commercial building then you already know that every so often people are going to have to make their way onto your roof. Puncture and penetration due to heavy foot traffic and falls on the roof are common occurrences.

Limiting traffic and conducting regular roof inspections can help your building hold its roof’s integrity in place.

4. Faulty Pitch Pans

Pitch pans and flashgun are installed on roofs to deflect rainwater away from the joints and seams. Most roof leaks are due to faulty pitch pans and faulty flashing. The materials these are built with expand and contract, creating tears and breaks. These breaks invite water in, creating a problem that could have been avoided with general maintenance checks.

3. Lack of General Maintenance

Contact your local commercial roofing contractor to schedule an inspection and perform maintenance on your commercial roof. Not only will your roof stay in excellent condition, but a professional will be able to tell you about a problem before it becomes serious.

2. Improper Materials

Some buildings have a maintenance person that they call on for issues like general building repairs. While these individuals are extremely helpful in most situations, they may not have the specific tools or skillsets to properly handle a commercial roofing repair. By using materials that are not intended to be used on a roof repair, your building could be facing some issues.

Before hiring a contractor to look at your business’ roof, make sure that they are certified to install and repair commercial roofs.

1. Surface Erosion

The average roofing material is susceptible to splitting, blistering, and cracking over time. Left alone, this type of damage can lead to enhanced roof breakdown and aging. Improve the lifespan of your roof by contacting a Dallas roofing contractor for a routine maintenance review. Catch the cracks before they become a real problem.

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We offer complete industrial roof repair and can complete the project regardless of your building’s size. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services that range from on-site roof estimates to metal roof repair and maintenance.