When you talk about ensuring an item’s longevity and durability, it requires constant attention and maintenance. It’s a similar case with roofs as well. When you live in a place like Fort Worth, Texas, harsh weather is something of a norm. While your home can be your safe haven from it, you also have to make sure it remains that way which means you have to keep a close eye to the most important structure that saves you from the outside: your roof. Harsh weather has the tendency of causing severe damage to it and results in cracks, heating the house, leakage, etc. One of the best solutions for this is commercial roofing which is termed as the simplest roof coatings available and is recommended above any other kinds.

What is Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing is the ultimate solution for homeowners and is continually being appreciated for use. To explain it very simply, commercial roofing is a very thin, seamless material usually made out of metal to serve as a top for your roof. Basically, it’s a seal that prevents water leakage and other external materials that have the tendency to sneak into the house, to actually be let in. You need to realize that when deciding to have commercial roofing applied, there are many factors to keep in mind. Since every roof is made differently, this service is better explained by professional contractors as to which type of roofing would be best suited for your building since there are many conditions prior to getting commercial roofing applied, the most important being the type of roof that you already possess. This mainly talks about the roof’s style and structure, it’s best that you get an expert contractor to guide you through deciding what type would be best for your roof.


Once you’ve decided to install commercial roofing, your work is still incomplete. Maintenance is a crucial part of commercial roofing and it’s something you should pay extra careful attention to. It’s okay if you’re new to this and don’t know how to proceed, you’re in good hands! There are actually two ways you can carry out the maintenance of your commercial roofing: through reactive or proactive methods.

When looking into maintenance tips for your commercial roofing, always go for a reactive approach that revolves around taking care of the problem as soon as it starts. Here are 5 ways you can carry out your roofing’s maintenance:


1.    Inspections

This is the most important point to focus on, make sure you have proper inspections done at least twice every year. This will keep you updated on the condition of your roof and what are the common problems that you’re dealing with. Be sure you hire a professional contractor to carry out the inspections. Secondly, go to your roof from time to time as well and look out for minor problems that could be occurring.

It’s also important to note that sometimes a simple roof inspection is not enough to cover the problems of your commercial roofing. Try looking into different kinds of surveys that would be able to take a much more comprehensive look at the damages that are not easily noticed and also gives you a better idea of exactly how much damage is there.

2.    House Inspections

When hiring a contractor to carry out AN inspection, make sure you pay attention to water patches on the ceiling. Usually, there isn’t much you can tell from an external roof inspection, the damage is more internal and that is what a home inspection could indicate. Even if you’ve already had an inspection done around your house, you should still pay close attention to anything in your ceiling that might indicate a problem with your commercial roof.

3.  Keep a Close Look out for Things like Fungi and Moss

When you look at your roof, make sure you keep a lookout for things like moss and fungi, they will indicate where water is being retained. Once spotted, be sure to clean it up properly and make a note to tell your contractor during a proper inspection of your commercial roofing.

4.    Cleaning

Of course, anything you purchase requires constant cleaning as an important form of maintenance. In the case of your roof, however, you should make sure to focus especially on the drains and gutters. Be sure there isn’t any debris that could obstruct the water, meaning if there are substances like leaves or dirt gathered up, be sure to clean it immediately. If water has no way of draining from the roof, it will remain back and it may cause damage.

5.    Immediate Repairs

On your routine inspection or if you choose to take a walk on your roof and notice minute damages starting to occur, then be sure to contact your contractor and get an idea on how to fix it immediately. This would avoid the damage from getting worse and prevent you from worrying about the little problems. If, however, there are major, noticeable issues then it’s definitely time to call a professional contractor and have it looked at immediately before it progresses further.

Additional Tip

Inspections can help with maintenance but there are some ways that you yourself tend to cause damage to the coating without even realizing it. Usually, walking on the commercial roofing can cause damage. Although this is very rare but there’s no harm in being on the safe side. Of course, the argument stands that how can you possibly not walk on your roof? Well, you can look into installing a roof walkway on your commercial roofing. This may require extra materials but for a good cause, it will allow access to HVAC systems as well.

Remember, the best way to maintain your commercial roof is to carry out routine inspections and be aware of everything that is happening to your roof. Although this long-lasting service is not prone to getting damaged, you still have to be careful with maintenance. It wouldn’t help if you don’t have a professional contractor, if you find it hard finding a trustworthy person for your roof then no need to worry, simply contact Anderson Industrial Roofing, a team of experts that are available for all your roofing needs.