Five-Common-Roofing-Problems-You-May-Have-Come-Across-Where-Professional-Help-Is-Needed-Roofer-in-Dallas-TXIf you’ve ever had to have a roofing project done, you might have come across some of these problems. There are some issues that low-slope roofing in Dallas, TX can face at any given moment. These issues can be a costly affair to repair. Building owners and maintenance professionals face these painstaking issues all the time. So without further ado, here are some of the common roofing problems in Dallas-Fort Worth.

1.    Bad Installation and quality of service

Roofing that is poorly executed isn’t only a financial burden. It can be a very real cause of reduced roof life. It can also lead to other problems as well. In many instances where the installation is a problem, the roofers are either inexperienced or haven’t performed effectively on the job.

Roof problems may arise if precautions are not taken during installation. The roof doesn’t properly attach and faces adhesion issues if the roof isn’t cleared of debris. The roof needs to be dried and primed for the ideal “sticking” conditions. These things cannot be easily seen by the customer as a roof needs time to dry. Improperly installed roofs stand a greater chance to fail more quickly and need replacement.

The best precaution that can be taken is for roofers to practice their due diligence to make sure that the roof is properly installed. A great roofer takes the necessary precautions in installation to make sure that this issue does not happen.

2.    Leaks – mother of all roofing problems

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing problems. Leaks can happen at any given moment. Flashing detail that was not properly attached in the course of installation has been known to cause leaks in Built-Up roofs or BUR systems.

The BURs may have many leaks where flashing details (pieces of water-resistant material installed to stop water from flowing in through the roof) end. There may be a small opening that allows water to go through and damage the walls of the house or office building.

Mod-bit roofs also have problems of their own. Many of these roofs are installed using a blow torch. Sometimes there is insufficient insulation material installed under the coping cap, thus allowing water to seep through.

As roofs age, problems are inevitable but thankfully roof coating is also there to prevent unforeseen problems. Leaks in single-ply roofs can occur when there is space between the seams during installation. Poor roof seams will definitely cause leaks, as they will allow the moisture to seep through your roof and into the interior of the building. The membranes will start to pool water without good seams. To avoid this, roofers need to make sure that the seams need to be fastened securely without any gaps.

3.    Improper Maintenance

Home and building owners who do not care for their roof are often faced with financial distress. For a business, there is all the more reason to take care of roof maintenance, because proper roof maintenance can save them from untimely repairs. There is an opportunity cost they might be incurring in addition to the cost of repairs. Maybe a lucrative investment opportunity is passing them by.

Knowing the signs of deteriorating roofing can prevent problems from blowing out of proportion. The main problem is a lack of awareness about roof maintenance. If the owner knows about the problems that may occur, they will try their best not to let them happen in the first place.

Proper maintenance at periodic intervals makes sure that your roofing does not face major problems in the future. Proper maintenance may also be crucial for keeping the warranty. In some cases when the roof is not properly maintained, the warranty may become null and void, resulting in extra costs.

Routine inspections are important because they help catch the signs of roof wear and tear and if there are any underlying issues. Issues like an exposed roofing base, ponding water, chipped roofs etc. can be spotted if one takes the time to look. Finding and fixing these issues ahead of time can save a lot of time and money.

4.    Low-grade Repairs

Incompatible materials used to secure the roof together can result in problems and even cause irreparable damage to the roof. For example, if you want to have a metal roof installed, reliable and experienced roofers would not use caulking or plastic roofing cement for the purpose of securing the shingles together.

Plastic cement may have good use in BUR or mod-bit roofs as it gives good adhesion. The same cannot be said for its use with single-ply. It will ruin the integrity of the membrane. The education and experience of roofers can come in handy in this case. If your roofer knows what material should be used, it saves heaps of problems in installation as well as repairs.

5.    Safety concerns in repairs and installs

Working with hot equipment when installing mod-bit using a torch flame or hot bitumen roofing has to be done under strict regulations for workplace safety. Experienced roofers must know the potential hazards involved, such as hot asphalt causing burns and the fire hazard for the torch kettle and roof when using a torch to secure the mod bit roofing.

When using a flame torch in mod bit installs, there needs to be a fire extinguisher present. To address the health concerns and ensure the safety of the building occupants from cold mod-bit systems, the air intakes should be insulted where the roofing is being done.

A roofer’s job is to perform more than a satisfying job on each of his roofing projects. A roof’s effective life can also be optimized and maximized when installation is done in a proper fashion and routine inspections occur without any hindrance. If you are looking for roofers that have years of experience and are aware of the pitfalls in roofing installation and repairs, contact Anderson Industrial Roofing.