4 Dangers of a Leaking Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Repair
Posted on October 10, 2018 by Anderson Industrial Roofing

A leaking residential or commercial roof can be a real frustration for Dallas property owners. While this means that impending roof repairs are in their immediate future, this roofing problem also poses some serious dangers if left to worsen.
Anderson Industrial Roofing specializes in making sure that Dallas’ roofs remain stable forms of protection. If you notice that your roof is leaking, think about these four hazards before putting a bucket under the drip.

1.  Mold Development Happens Fast

Without having your roof inspected regularly, the unfortunate truth is that by the time a leak is detected by a property owner, mold is already growing. Mold and mildew are almost instantly attracted to damp, moisture-filled areas. Not only can mold begin to ruin your home as a whole, but it also poses some serious health concerns for those living or working in the building.
By working with a roofing company that knows the warning signs of mold and how to effectively remove it, you can easily stop this issue before it becomes an overpowering problem.

2.  Water Damage Leads to Fire Hazard

Leaks are one of the scariest fire hazards to a building. This is especially true with internal leaks that make their way into the walls and electrical elements of a structure. Not only can leaks easily short wires, but they can also cause your wires to spark up and start a deadly fire.

3.  A Leak in Your Commercial Roof is a Financial Hazard

Did you know that aside from general roof repair, leaks can cost you a lot of extra money? When water leaks into your location, it reduces the effectiveness of your structure’s insulation. Once your insulation gets wet, it can take a long time to dry out.
The problem with this is that your insulation is what keeps your hot and cool air regulated to the home. If you put off repairing a leak and your insulation begins to go out, your home won’t be able to properly regulate the energy you are using. This results in skyrocketing energy bills. Don’t let your wallet suffer from a leaking roof. Call out a professional at the first sign of a problem.

4.  Attic and Ceiling Damage is a Given

Small leaks will eventually cause substantial damage to your attic and ceiling. Not only do leaks cause ventilation problems in these parts of the building, but they can also cause cosmetic problems as well.
Aside from the standard pool of water look that leaking ceilings have, an unattended leak will lead to the fading of ceiling paint, and bubbling of plaster.

Anderson Industrial Roofing Keeps Your Rooftops Dry

As you can see, a leaking roof can cause some substantial damage to the structure of your commercial location as a whole. By having a professional from Anderson Industrial Roofing come out to your area for inspections on a regular basis, you can easily catch these problems while they are still small. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.