When roof repair becomes a concern, most people attribute the problem to weather damage or simply the age of a roof. Animals are usually the last thing that homeowners and business owners believe will ruin their roof.

With fall now in full effect and the spooky season approaching, here are five pest instances that are nightmare inducing for your residential roof.

1.  Bats in Your Belfry?

Bats are the symbolic animal for the season and they are also critters that every Texan sees at one point in their life. Although a bat or two hanging from your roof usually isn’t a problem, once they begin to breed and call your roof their home, you could be in bigger danger than just roof repair from where they have squeezed in.

Bats living in your attic produce droppings that can bring about some serious health issues. Their droppings carry a fungus that can become airborne. If this fungus makes its way into your home’s inner-rooms, the lung infection that develops can be deadly.

2.  Rats Ruin Your Residential Roof

Your roof has a layer of insulation that protects your home from various weather elements. The biggest pest danger for your roof is rats. Roof rats love to make their home in your roof by chewing through your shingles and insulation.

Roof rats present a need for roof repair and other types of repairs that you wouldn’t expect. These critters not only chew literal holes in your roof but will keep chewing until they have gnawed through electrical wires, potentially starting a fire.

Knowing the signs of rats in your roof through holes and larger cracks can save you money on roof repairs and dreaded fire damage.

3.  Birds Can Wreck Your Shingles

Although birds can commonly be seen hanging out on rooftops, their presence poses a threat to your shingle roofing. A bird’s diet is highly acidic. This means that when they decide to make your roof their home, their droppings can easily begin to rot away your shingles.

This type of damage is usually too far gone if you can notice it from the street. Our recommendation is to schedule annual roof inspections to ensure that your commercial or residential roof is in great condition.

4.  Raccoons Get A Little Too Curious

Sure, they’re cute, cuddly looking, and have starred in various Disney movies, but raccoons are no friend to your roof. These pests are known to be destructive and if you have a roof that hasn’t properly been maintained or inspected, then you could be in a world of repairs or replacement soon.

Raccoons love to dig holes and rip apart rooftops. Once they have made their home in your attic, you now have a family of raccoons that can easily chew their way into your main home, posing a dangerous situation.

Don’t Allow a Bad Roof Ruin Your Fall Season, Let Anderson Industrial Roofing Help!

A poorly maintained roof is a magnet for destructive animals in the area. If your roof hasn’t been inspected within the last few years, your home could be the next target of one of these creatures. Get in touch with Anderson Industrial Roofing to schedule an inspection and make sure that the maintenance you need for your roof is done right.