3 Little Known Facts About Hail Damage and Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair
Posted on February 8, 2019 by Anderson Industrial Roofing

Texas is a state that is very well known for drastic weather changes. No matter the weather, drastic conditions can lead to dangerous situations for your commercial building’s roof. Yes, excessive sun peels back shingles, and tornadoes literally raise roofs. However, one of the most dangerous weather conditions is a hail storm.
Many Dallas-Fort Worth business owners find themselves at a loss when having to deal with hail damage and commercial roof repair. At Anderson Industrial Roofing, one of our main goals is to ensure that no client has to use valuable time worrying about the state of their roof.
If you are concerned about hail damage and your business’ rooftop, check out these interesting facts about hail damage before you decide if it’s time for a repair or replacement.

1. Insurance is On Your Side

When damage occurs to any personal property, it always seems like owners are fearful of what is going to happen when they contact an insurance agent. The good news is, that insurance is meant to help cover issues that occur outside of your control.
Something like hail damage falls under this category. If your roof has experienced excessive damage and faces a reduction in lifespan, then your insurance policy may be able to help recoup the damages and get your roof fixed.

2. Hail Damage Can Easily Go Unnoticed

Unfortunately, unless your roof is being pelted by golf ball sized hail or larger, the chances of hail damage going unnoticed increase. Hail can create dents in your shingles and lead to even bigger problems beneath the surface of your roof.
Our suggestion is to have your roof inspected after a lengthy bout of hail. A part of your roof may need to be replaced due to damage that can only be recognized by a professional. Remember, even minor hail damage can lead to a roof replacement; so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Hail Leads to the Replacement of Commercial Roofs of All Types

Whether your roof is made of metal or asphalt, hail damage can create problems that lead to a full roof replacement. Hail storms make your roof’s shingles brittle and render them effectively useless. This leads to your roof constantly absorbing water in specific spots that can quickly become a health hazard due to mold and a weakened overall structure.

Beat Damaging Weather with an Inspection from Anderson Industrial Roofing

Don’t let the threat of inclement weather bring down the first half of the new year. Get a step ahead of the hail and ensure that your roof is hail storm ready when the time comes. Reach out to Anderson Industrial Roofing today to schedule your inspection. We are ready to help you successfully keep a roof over your business’ head.