Roof replacement is something that can be done at any time of the year, but fall is ideal for both you and your roofing contractor. Here are some of the top reasons why now is the time to consider your roof repair or replacement for your home or business.

This Last Summer May Result in the Need for Roof Replacement

Texas is a state that has some pretty unpredictable weather in the spring and summer. Based on the weather we’ve had coming into the fall of 2019, the chances are high that your roof took a beating.

Spring storms brought enough wind and rain to do some substantial damage to your roof’s shingles. If your roof is already on the older side, this damage may not allow it to hold up against the rains and potential snow of winter. So, this in-between season could be your last chance of anti-leak insurance through a roof replacement.

Fall is the Perfect Weather to Safely Work Outside

Like we’ve mentioned before, roofing contractors in Dallas have the tools and capabilities to work year-round. However, the summer heat and frigid winters do raise the injury risk for those of us replacing your roof! 

Fall presents ideal weather conditions that allow us to work safely and ensure all of the properties of your new roof adhere with the proper amount of thermal sealing.

Winter is Coming…

Yes, we can expect a frigid winter. With that weather comes rain and snow that could easily seep through a roof that has lasted past its prime. Avoid winter leaks with the help of a Dallas roofing contractor

We will be able to come out, inspect your roof and determine if it’s time for a replacement. Don’t leave your family in the cold this winter, make sure your roof has them covered!

A New Roof Saves You Money

A new roof has the potential to save you money on energy bills during the winter. A well-insulated roof that has a fresh set of shingles on it will keep heat from escaping the home, and prevent your heater from working overtime.

Also, if you hold off on a roof replacement in the fall and an emergency leak occurs during the winter, many contractors have higher rates at that time. So, guarantee your wallet a fair shake by getting a roof replacement now if you know you need one!

Get Your Roof Replacement Done Before Winter with Anderson Industrial Roofing

Keep the winter wind and moisture from turning your home into an icebox during the cold season! Let Anderson Industrial Roofing take care of your roof replacement now, while the weather is in its prime. Schedule an inspection today and get your roof ready for a much-needed makeover.