How Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof and Why Are They Cost Effective

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Posted on June 5, 2017 by Anderson Industrial Roofing

Raise-the-Roof-How-Roof-Coatings-Protect-Your-Roof-and-Why-Are-They-Cost-Effective-Roofers-in-Irving-TXPolyurethane foam roofing is useful for increasing the effective life of your roof if applied properly. They are helpful in making your existing roof stronger and more durable as they offer protection from heat and moisture. They also help in keeping away the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

What Causes Roof Aging?

Roofs can deteriorate due to a number of reasons. The three that have the most significant impact are the sun’s ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation and of course, moisture.
Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause a harmful effect on people’s skin that leads to cancer, just imagine what it can do to a roof not protected by Polyurethane foam roofing. The chemical reaction that results due to the exposure of the roof to UV rays, breaks the roof substrate down. When the damage is significant, the roof’s effectiveness in offering protection to the interior of the house or building is severely impacted.
Infrared radiation is the actual heat from the sun. The combined effect of infrared and UV causes the roof to age prematurely. The chemical reaction occurring due to the UV rays is aided by the infrared heat and occurs fast. That is what causes roof failure.
Moisture seeps into the roof substrate causing it to bloat and rot. This causes the effective aging and deterioration of the roofing substrate, making it weak and causing leaks. Moisture, if left to its devices may also cause molds which may spread to the rest of the house by way of spores, causing all sorts of diseases to its inhabitants.
Polyurethane foam roofing stops these damaging effects to the roof’s substrate and allows the inhabitants to benefit from an extended roof life if applied properly applied.

How Do Roof Coatings Work?

Polyurethane foam, when applied evenly across a smooth roof substrate reflects the harmful UV rays and infrared heat of the sun. It directs the rays and heat in different directions so as to not damage the building’s roof.
Even in the blistering Texas heat, the building is kept relatively cooler and well insulated from the harsh weather conditions. It also prevents the aging process of the roof from being sped up. Polyurethane foam is a lighter color and allows reflection to take place easily in comparison to roofs of a darker color and rougher material.
National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) figures state that with every 20 degrees Fahrenheit increase of roof temperature, the aging process doubles in intensity. Put this together with the notion of a high reduction in roof temperature due to roof coatings and, in theory, the aging process is reduced considerably due to the roof coating.

Can it Be Applied to Existing Roofs?

Polyurethane foam can be applied to your existing roofs as well. The condition of your substrate needs to be inspected and replaced if there are any major problems. These problems may include moisture and heat damage which may have weakened your substrate.
Single-ply roofs, metal roofs, asphalt, and many others may be treated with this foam by roofers making the roof stronger and more durable than before. The roofing needs to be done in a proper fashion, however. Any sedimentation and debris should be removed so that the substrate is pure and a thick and even foam coat can be applied.
You can potentially avoid the replacement of your roof as your roof’s life expectancy will be higher when your roof has been restored with polyurethane foam. It will provide roofing sustainability for years to come.

How Are Roof Coatings Cost Effective?

If you have a leaking roof membrane or your roof has aged, you may want to consider having a roof coating installed. They are great for restoring existing roofs. Of course, they need to be maintained properly in order to receive the full extent of benefits from these coatings.
These coatings can be used for many different types of roofs including metal, EPDM, asphalt, and others. There is a seamless membrane if applied properly over your substrate, providing a shield against the elements. Whenever the roof seems to be deteriorating, given that it was properly maintained, it can be recoated every decade or so, without the need to replace the roof altogether. You won’t need to have costly repairs and replacements every time.
UV blocking pigments are used in many elastomeric roof coatings that include polyurethane roofs. These pigments block UV rays and reflect them back into the atmosphere, which keeps the inside of the building cooler and temperatures down.
Just imagine what savings you will have in terms of your HVAC utility bills over the years. So even if the initial investment in the roof coating seems a bit on the pricey side, the payback will happen quickly and easily. The building will be relatively more pleasant than before.

What do these savings mean for a business?

As a business, every single dime of your expenses counts and so does the productivity of your employees. Both of these can be catered to once you treat your roofs with polyurethane foam. A cooler building will lead to a reduction in your utility bills and make way for increased funds at your disposal for investing in stocks and such.
A relatively cooler environment for your business means that your employees, as well as visiting customers, are relaxed and calm. The productivity of employees in a cooler and calmer office environment is considerably higher. The impression your customers, existing and potential, get from your office will be a positive and lasting one.
If you are convinced that you do need polyurethane foam coating for your business, head over to Anderson Industrial Roofing for further information or learn more benefits of applying a roof coating system to your commercial building.