Face it, although Texas is the best place to live most seasons of the year, the summers can become hot and unbearable. Even though you may feel like the heat is wearing you down, your business’ commercial roof is really what’s taking a beating.

A defenseless roof can lead to poor insulation and skyrocketing energy costs. This is where R-value comes into play. Find out what this commercial roof defense calculation is and how your business can beef up your roof’s protection before the heat really rolls in.

What is R-Value?

The R-value of your roofing material is what determines how effective your roof is against the environment’s natural heat. When you are in the process of a roof repair, installation or upgrade, the R-value of your materials is sure to be one of the key details you’ll want to pay attention to. 

Essentially, the higher the R-value the greater your roof will be insulated and protected from the heat. 

Why Does R-Value Matter?

R-value in roofing matters because the more insulated your roof is, the greater your savings will be on your energy bill. Couple the R-value up with a roof coating from Anderson Industrial Roofing and you’re guaranteed to get roof reflection that protects your business from the elements.

When your roof is working hard for you, it will be able to keep warm air in during cooler weather and hot wind out during the summer. This all starts by knowing some of the most common R-values in the industry.

Common R-Values in Commercial Roofing

R-values on the market can range from 0.00 in metal to 8.30 value found in Phenolic Foam. Most standard materials used in roofing don’t have very high R-value. For example:

  • Concrete: 0.30 per inch of thickness
  • Wood: 0.91 per inch of thickness
  • Asphalt: 0.44 per inch of thickness

These are all relatively low R-values, and that’s why we highly recommend investing in SPF roof coating to help beef up your roof to R-values in the range of 6.80 and higher.

Are There R-Value Requirements?

The short answer is yes. Different local jurisdictions across the United States have minimum R-value requirements for commercial roofs. Your local contractor in charge of your project will be able to help you make the best material choices that will help your business avoid out-of-compliance roofing.

Meet Your Summer Roofing Needs with Anderson Industrial Roofing

Don’t let the sun suck up your business’ cash-flow this summer. Take affirmative action with Anderson Industrial Roofing and ensure your roof has an R-value with enough power to reflect even the strongest rays. Contact us today to find out more information about our services.