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Posted on May 30, 2017 by Anderson Industrial Roofing

Get-rid-of-the-Black-Stains-on-an-Asphalt-Shingle-Roof-Commercial-Roofer-in-Fort-Worth-TXLet’s put it this way, your commercial building is 10 years old now. The asphalt shingles have started to stain badly due to the heat exposure. Now, is there anything you can do to remove the stains from the asphalt shingles and to prevent them from further staining?
Well, the answer is yes. But for this, all you have to do is continue reading the information provided in this article. This information will not only help you in cleaning the existing black stains but will also guide you on how to prevent the stains in the future by giving out some useful tips. In addition, these are the tips that are commonly applied by professional commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX.

Why does it happen?

Majority of the commercial building owners face the situation of black stains on the roof surface. Therefore, you may have witnessed ugly dark streaks on your asphalt shingle roof as well. These stains are commonly caused by the spores (airborne) of Gloeocapsa Magma – blue – green algae.
These stains are often mistaken as an accumulation of dirt, mold or mildew or even defective shingles. These unsightly stains may cause little harm to your shingles but these ultimately affect the overall appearance of the building, along with the resale value as suggested by commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX

What could algae resistant asphalt shingles do for you?

The trend of installing new roofing in Fort Worth, TX is increasing these days. You must have noticed that usually, the algae stains are not present directly under the metal flashing and around the roof vents or chimneys. This is because of the fact that the galvanized sheet metals are coated with zinc and copper which is highly toxic to algae.
However, during the rainy season, the trace amounts of galvanized metals are washed down the roof, hence, inhibiting the algae growth. Moreover, with the increasing trend of hiring commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX, the roofing manufacturers have started mixing the copper granules with the roofing products. This way, the roofing manufacturers are now able to produce shingles that are algae resistant.
Hence, if you are located in an area that is more prone to algae growth, make sure you specify the particular type of shingle you need when repairing or replacing the roof.

Is chemical cleaning effective to remove algae?

The dark streaks may give a very bad appearance to the roof of your commercial roof but the algae stains are easily removable with adequate cleaning and prevention. However, the algae may frequently return. This problem can be overcome with an occasional roof cleaning practice.
While this may not harm your roof but the repeated and frequent use of harsh chemicals or the erosive aspects of a pressure washing may affect the durability of asphalt shingles. Also, it can damage and shorten their life drastically.
Since majority of the people tend to perform the cleaning of a roof as a DIY project, it is necessary to understand that this is a tough job and should only be handled by a professional and commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX. Several cleaning products are readily available in the market to perform the job and to specifically remove the algae from the roof’s surface. However, a mixture of bleach, TSP (Trisodium phosphate) and water is always helpful in frequent roof cleaning, to remove the lighter stains.
The most recommended chemical, however, is oxygen bleach. This reduces the effects of darker stains and is less damaging to the environment. But undoubtedly, this will not produce the effective and immediate results as are achievable by hiring a professional commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX.
The commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX will not only perform the cleaning of a roof by using the right tools but they also take measures like the installation of zinc and copper coated sheet along all the sides of a roof to prevent the algae from coming back. Since this is installed just below the ridge and in a way that only 2”-4” of the metal is visible on the roof, hence, hiring a commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX is the only approach that would give you the precise, effective and long lasting results.

Why is it advised to hire a commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX to remove algae from the roof’s deck?

The cleaning of a roof that is infected with algae may seem like an easy job when you look at the different products available in the market for algae cleaning purposes. However, with that, there are some other factors as well that need your consideration before you move ahead and take up the task on your own.
While many people neglect the safety factors, it is important to understand that working on a roof can be seriously harmful. Moreover, it becomes even more dangerous when the roof surface is wet and slippery. Hence, the roof cleaning should only be done with the help of adequate safety precautions like wearing the proper working shoes, avoiding working on sloppy roofs, using safety ropes where needed and most importantly, avoiding the use of the readily available harsh chemicals as this may end up damaging your skin and eyes severely.
On the contrary, it is always the best approach to call commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX to perform the task. While most of the people tend to save money by taking the task up on their own, they end up damaging the shingles or the roof surface even more. This would ultimately cost them, even more, than hiring a professional at the first place.

What if it’s too late?

The ugly condition of your building’s roof might tell you a different story, one where it is too late to get the roof fixed. However, if you are still facing the issue, then without any further delay, simply contact Anderson Industrial Roofing as your ultimate solution. Their expert team of professionals is well-versed to handle difficult situations and provide the customer satisfaction that a client deserves.