Most Dallas homeowners underestimate the importance of proper roof maintenance and let problems go on until a roof replacement is the only option. If you are a homeowner that wants to keep your roof healthy in 2019, make sure to avoid these five mistakes that other residential roof owners are making.

  1. Cleaning with Improper Tools
  2. Not Scheduling Regular Roof Inspections
  3. Not Checking the Attic
  4. Over-Insulation
  5. Re-Roofing Your Shingles

1. Cleaning Your Roof with the Wrong Tools

Cleaning your roof to prevent mold and other problems is important. However, when it comes to the actual cleaning, what you use to get the grime and old leaves off of your roof matters. Many people mistakenly reach for a pressure washer when getting this job done. Pressure washers will get the dirt off your roof but will also cause some substantial damage after a few washes.  We suggest avoiding roof repairs and use a standard garden hose to safely and efficiently clean your roof!

2. Forgetting to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Your roof should be inspected by a professional every three to five years. Waiting for your inspection to happen after something has already gone wrong with your roof carries a much bigger price tag than if you were to schedule an inspection just to be on the safe side. Inspections can help detect minor leaks and any other problems that your roof may be facing.

3. Ignoring Your Attic

Your roof may look great on the outside but could be facing some serious repairs underneath its visible base. Failing to inspect your attic on a regular basis is another mistake that could cost homeowners lots of money.

Your attic is a very delicate part of your home and could show signs that your roof needs to be replaced. During your next inspection, have your attic checked out for excess humidity and mold growth.

4. Over-Insulation

As strange as it may sound, your home is capable of being too insulated. Over-insulation in your home can actually lead to issues in your attic that will quickly spread to your roof. Over-insulation doesn’t allow for proper ventilation. Under these types of conditions, moisture will collect and go nowhere; creating mold that will eventually lead to an avoidable roof replacement.

5. DIY Shingle “Replacement”

Shingle replacement is something that should be left to roofing professionals. Many people wrongfully believe that if their shingles get loose or damaged, nailing new shingles over the damaged ones is the answer. Doing this doesn’t allow for the seal that is necessary for keeping a roof stable. Leave it to the experts to remove and replace shingles in order to meet industry standards.

Avoid Roof Maintenance Mistakes with Anderson Industrial Roofing

Don’t let common roofing mistakes cost you unnecessary repairs. Let a professional roofer come out to your location and inspect your roof the right way. Contact Anderson Industrial Roofing today to find out more about our services.