Commercial roofing tends to center around the flat-roofed buildings that can be seen driving by any strip mall or business area. While slanted roofs commonly seen in residential areas are built at angles to repel standing water on their own, many commercial roof owners don’t have this luxury. Standing water is a real threat and some owners may need to take extra measures in their roof’s design.

What Are the Dangers of Standing Water?

Many people fail to recognize the direct threat that standing water is to a roof. Although your roof is built to last, there is only so much weight that it can bear; and water can bump up the scale, fast. Water weight adds up, and standing water on a commercial roof can easily be ignored if inspections are never scheduled.

This can result in problems like:

  • Holes in the roof’s surface
  • Hairline fractures
  • Eventual collapse
  • Premature roof repair

Overcome Commercial Roofing Problems with Smart Design

If your business has recently suffered from standing water damage on its roof, flat roof replacement may be in the near future. When designing your next roof to combat these types of roofing problems, make sure to take some of these design recommendations into account.

Utilize Inner Drains

Many modern commercial roofs used inner drains to reduce the risk of sitting water. These drains are typically placed near the center of a roof and drain water through the building’s pipes, keeping the building’s foundation and walls dry.

These roof systems not only protect your building, but they are also freeze-proof and can be custom made to ensure that no debris gets into the pipes creating a dangerous clog.


These low-cost fixtures look like gutters but are really openings in your building’s roof that pushes water out through their metallic boxed structure. If you go this route, ensure that a professional roofing contractor installs your scuppers. This will ultimately get you the best value for your system and help avoid any issues that could be caused like hookups to a gutter that can easily void any protection your scuppers can offer.

Solar Powered Roof Pumps

For the green-minded entrepreneur, solar-powered water pumps are a great addition that keeps standing water off of the roof. Not only do these pumps save you energy and money, but they also can pump water for hours, leaving your rooftop happy and dry.

Need Help with Standing Water Roof Repair, Call Anderson Industrial Roofing!

Commercial roof repair is sometimes an unavoidable remedy to standing water. If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, turn to the professionals at Anderson Industrial Roofing. We are ready to make your roof a safe haven for the employees in your building. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services.