Using Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Fort Worth, TX- Pros and Cons

Using-Polyurethane-Foam-Roofing-in-Fort-Worth-TX-Pros-and-ConsThe roof may just be the most important part of the house, if you look at things in terms of safety and protection. You should be paying extra attention to your roofing needs because they cannot be denied at any cost. Usually, taking care of your roofing needs can be troublesome and people often tend to either mess up in terms of application or in terms of the type of roofing they have and their requirements. The best option that people opt for is using Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX. However, before making a decision, it’s best to understand what exactly you’re getting yourself into.

What is a Polyurethane Foam?

Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX is termed as the ultimate solution to all your roofing needs. It is a two-component liquid that is usually sprayed on the roof to address various problems you could be dealing with. You don’t even have to go through scraping off the previous coat, as long as there isn’t not too much damage, recoating your roof with SPF is a good decision. However, you should be well aware of what exactly you are getting into by using Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX. It is always best to be well researched and keep track of what condition your roof is in especially while living in a place with adverse climates. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you get a clear picture of an SPF:

Why is using a Polyurethane foam be a good decision?


Although you need a professional to handle the proper application of your Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX, it still isn’t that difficult to do. There are two coats that need to be applied for a long-lasting effect and they can easily be applied using a spray. The foam is simply sprayed on the roof which later solidifies to form an effective foam. You can apply this directly onto any roof shape and type without going through any extra trouble to do so.

Long lasting

Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX is very durable and lasts a very long time without a deteriorating of quality. Remember, you will have to reapply a new coat every 10 years or so, depending on how much damage is done to the roof in that time.

Insulation and leakage

Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX is an insulating material that retains the heat of the house during winters and keeps it cool during summers. Because it is applied in the liquid form, it can fill in the gaps and cracks on the previous roof and prevent water from leaking into house. If you fear the foam will be cracked as well then there’s no need to worry because the material is such that it will expand and contract according to external temperatures.

UV protection

The coat applied on top of the Polyurethane foam allows protection from sunlight thereby preventing your house from heating up during hot summer days. This would even give you the advantage of saving money wasted on too much electricity bill because of the use of air conditioning.


Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX doesn’t require you to go through too much trouble for maintenance. Remember to get an inspection done at least twice a year to make sure everything is fine. If maintained properly, the coating can last for a very long period of time.

What can go wrong with a Polyurethane foam?


Although the installation is easy, there are specific conditions at which it can be applied. You need to be careful of the weather because that can affect the installation of Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX which means, frost, moisture, dampness etc. on the roof can affect the application.


Amongst all other kinds of roofing options, Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX is considered to be the most expensive. Especially the fact that two coats are supposed to be applied doesn’t help much with this problem and to make matters worse, the installation would require an expert contractor which would just add to the budget. It’s definitely considered as one of the highest costing roofing options available.


Although it doesn’t take much to maintain a Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX, you still need to keep a close eye in case a crack forms on it which does not work well with a polyurethane coating. If you do manage to get a crack then it means you should immediately call your professional contractor to fix the problem. It can only be fixed with silicon and a coat on top will not adhere well with the cracks. You need accurate fixing with the help of expert hands to give a long-lasting effect.

Finding the contractor

Polyurethane foam is not cheap and requires an expert to deal with the installation. After all, you want the best outcome for all the money that you’ve paid. Therefore, you need to pay special attention when finding a contractor that you can trust with your polyurethane roofing. Even a certified contractor sometimes is not able to carry out the work properly which is why you need to focus more on getting an experienced contractor for your roof. This can be quite troublesome when you have to decide which one would be the best one to opt for.

Apart from these, the decision of polyurethane roofing is the most recommended especially while living in a place with such adverse climate that tends to put too much damage on your roof. Remember, continuous inspection is important and that is not only in the case of polyurethane roofing. Simply choose a professional contractor and keep their number with you at all times, in case an emergency comes up. If you have trouble trusting someone to deal with your roofing then it’s no issue, you can simply contact Anderson Industrial roofing to deal with all your roof related needs.

Dos and Don’ts of Roofing Every Homeowner Must Know | Roofers in Dallas, TX

Dos-and-Donts-of-Roofing-Every-Homeowner-Must-Know-Roofers-in-Dallas-TXRoofing in Dallas Texas can be a chore. In this post, we have provided a few do’s and don’ts that will help you along the way to ensure that your roofing is in impeccable condition and delivers returns on your investment for years to come.  Take a look at the Don’ts first, since it will aid in better understanding how the process can be a tad bit complicated. We’ll jump in to the Do’s after that and will give you pointers on how to properly proceed.

The Don’ts

Don’t Attempt a Roofing Project On Your Own

People usually take roofing maintenance into their hands, and this is true if you are getting roofing in Dallas, Texas. People try to work out what needs to be done, but that is a mistake we recommend people should avoid, even for menial tasks. Attempting to do your own roofing can result in voiding product warranties, a severe setback for anyone in any industry.

Specialist contractors for roofing in Dallas Texas have their own set of directions that set them apart from amateur workers, let alone DIYers. Again, consultation and roof estimates that professionals provide are your key to a better, lasting roof.

Don’t Attempt Anything During Rain

Commercial contractors don’t do roofing in the rain. Roof shingles can become quite slippery when it pours. Not only is it impractical to work during the rain for roofers, it is impossible to work on the roof deck—a plywood structure your old shingles are attached to—without exposing the deck to water and causing it to swell.

Contractors bring tarpaulin along with them, which is used to cover any exposed sections of the roof. Work may resume after short showers, and if the roof is dried enough. Long showers, on the other hand, entails that work is postponed for another day. Repairing roofing in Dallas, Texas though is still possible in the rain.

Don’t Break the HA’s Building Codes

Don’t go against the Homeowners Association in roofing in Dallas, Texas. Make sure you know and meet set guidelines from the association before setting up or investing in a roofing plan. Your roofing style and look can be assisted by your chosen contractor as they can provide you needed information on guidelines and further provide style options. Choose your style of roofing with them as well as roofing material options.

Don’t Go For More

Don’t add more layers to the roof. Be sure to get your roofer’s advice, but generally, adding layers to your existing roof will add considerable weight and thus further measures must be taken to ensure that the roof is able to handle the weight.

What You should Do Instead

Do Search For Accredited Roofers

Check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Workplace Safety and Insurance board (WSIB) for trusted and well accredited roofing in Dallas, Texas contractors. Using these companies can mean getting the most for your money. The best roofing companies provide their own specialists or handymen that provide better workmanship than independent workers (workers hired for per unit pay work).

Do Inquire About the References

Make further inquiries on references and/or acknowledgments by previous customers and businesses regarding the quality of the work and services they received roofing in Dallas, Texas and other cities and states.

Inquire about everything from the roofer you are working with. Your queries can be directed to get a complete understanding of all the options on the table. This is necessary, as you will learn, each option in roofing in Dallas, Texas and other areas has its own positives and negatives relative to location. Getting what you want is of prime importance, as the roof you’re living under will be the same for at least the next 20 years.

Do Get Regular Checkups

Take consultation from your trusted roofer for roofing in Dallas Texas and other areas and enjoy the benefits that come with these defined checkups (by the roofer). We encourage as well to be informed regarding your roof’s construction from your chosen roofing contractors. Do get the maximum return from them, and understand the scale and scope of the effort put in by going through any reports you receive, further gaining insights you wanted in personally maintaining your roof.

Problem management should not be an issue after you have taken necessary measures and performed regular maintenance at the hands of experts for roofing in Dallas, Texas. The troubles that one will see occurring due to unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances, will be easy to trace and fix and thus save you a lot of hassle and inconveniences.

Do Get Everything in Writing

A relatively simple and straightforward notion, yet one that should not be neglected is making sure to get all project details written down. This is for outlining the limits and extent of the job and a document to refer to should there be any disagreements or different opinions over milestones or tasks down the road.  The document given to should include a complete report of material, labor costs incurred and time to be taken; finally, a job start and finished date should be mentioned.

Do Get Involved

Be part of the entire process, once materials arrive, subject them to your own inspection and scrutiny to guarantee the product you received is new and in the best condition. Keep checking with contracted roof specialists in the job they are doing. At the same time, make sure to heed their advice on the proximity and conduct you should keep during the process. Remember specialists will be clothed in appropriate attire and safety gear that enables them to operate effectively which you don’t get.

Remember, repairing a roof or taking steps to extend its life is always easier than a complete roof replacement. Roof replacement is a costly and time-consuming process that affects your activities and will financially hamper you. We recommend roof coatings as the best alternative to a replacement. Roof coatings require little roof tear off and little maintenance as the years tick by. They are good at forming a seamless waterproof barrier and very reflective, ideal for roofing in Dallas, Texas and other areas.

To have your roofing replaced or repaired by a team of professional roofers in Dallas, TX, contact Anderson Industrial Roofing to get the best quality.

How to Give Your House A Fetching Look By Choosing The Perfect Color For Your Roof | Roofers in Dallas, TX

How-to-Give-Your-House-A-Fetching-Look-By-Choosing-The-Perfect-Color-For-Your-Roof-Roofers-in-Dallas-TXChoosing the right roofing in Dallas TX for your home is a tough decision. But that’s just the first step. When you get through that, selecting a color that not only suits your roof but goes with your house perfectly can be tricky. It is similar to choosing the right color combination for your wardrobe, with shoes and jewelry that go perfectly and getting the look right. Does blue go with yellow? White with red? Pink and purple? Questions like these are not limited to just clothes, but can also apply to roofing in Dallas TX.

Why does it matter?

Do you think color is not important especially when it comes to roofing in Dallas TX? Well think again. If you are of the opinion that it can’t make much of a difference, you couldn’t be more wrong. Imagine wearing a purple shirt with yellow pants, and a red cap. Now take a look in the mirror. Are you taken-aback? How so: in a good way or a bad way? It depends on your preferences. Well, choosing the right color for roofing in Dallas TX is similar to this. No one wants people to look at your house and feel revolted.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought that whatever they are wearing does not suit them or that color just does not look right? This is also the case when it comes to roofing in Dallas TX. You just have to have the color that best fits your roofing in Dallas TX. It is like choosing a dress that will bring about your best feature like the color of your eyes. And if you manage to do that, you can be sure that you made the right decision and wouldn’t have to worry about going back on it. And in case of your house, this impression is crucial for making your home stand out from the crowd, both for your personal satisfaction as well as for attracting the right buyers.

Why should it matter?

What happens if you choose the right color for the roofing in Dallas TX of your house or any building for that matter? You will notice that it works and synchronizes with the rest of the structure. It adds to the beauty and décor of not just the building itself but also compliments the surrounding environment. It also reflects your personality and style. And if it’s a public place that requires roofing in Dallas TX, then you can be sure to attract the attention of visitors. The refined design together with an ideal color palette makes for the perfect roofing in Dallas TX to live under.

What to choose?

If you are not sure which color to give your roof according to the house or the design of a building, here are some tips to help you out:

1.    For the average and traditional

If your house comes under the category of being average and/or traditional, and you are looking to choose the right color for its roofing in Dallas TX, go for light colors. For example, if the exterior is painted white, off-white or beige (which is the situation in most cases), then a slate roof light blue green in color would probably be the best option. A tip is to avoid overly colored roofing in Dallas TX if your house comes under this category.

2.    Mediterranean style

It is common for Mediterranean styled houses to have a clay-tiled orange roof especially when the exterior is of something like peach or butterscotch in color.

3.    Contemporary

A red roof for a contemporary home would be best suited especially if the exterior consists of colors like dark blue and white.

4.    Cottage

A green metal roof would not only give the right feel to a cottage house but it will also compliment the chimney and style. Particularly, if the exterior comes under shades of brown.

5.    Simple

Can’t decide on the color for roofing in Dallas TX? Just keep it simple and choose a color that is dark neutral.

6.    Brick or stone

If your house is made of brick or stone, choosing the right color can be tricky. A solid brown would go with a cream-colored exterior. Other options for brick or stone houses include darker shades of brown, sometimes gray, and in some cases even a custom color.

Effects of color

It is common knowledge that different colors around us can have different properties as well as effect on our mood. A simple example is that of black objects that absorb more heat than white ones. So before you chose a color for roofing in Dallas TX it is also important to keep their effects in mind.

1.    Red

Red is said to stimulate the brain and is exciting. Other psychological responses include power, passion, warmth, love, aggression, and danger. Used with other colors, the meaning of the color red transforms. For example, if used together with white, red portrays joy.

2.    White

White has an ability to reflect sunlight and also signifies cheering. Other effects include that of purity, cleanliness, innocence, precision, and sterility. In some cultures, like in India the color white portrays death while in other countries like the U.S. it is a symbol for marriage.

3.    Blue

Blue is said to have a calming effect. It reduces excitement and helps one to concentrate. Since it portrays trust, security, cleanliness, and order, it is used in banks present in the U.S. to represent trust.

4.    Black

Black can be depressing if not used in combination with other colors. It has the effects of power, fear, death, mystery, unhappiness as well as elegance. It is also a symbol for mourning in some cultures.

5.    Brown

The most common color used in roofs, brown can be warming and restful but a suggestion is to use it with other colors to prevent the depressing effect it has when used alone. It symbolizes earth, comfort, endurance, and reliability.

Decide on a color for your roof today and call Anderson Industrial Roofing for services in roofing in Dallas TX.

Ways to Increase the Sustainability of your Commercial Roof | Commercial Roofers in Fort Worth, TX

Ways-to-Increase-the-Sustainability-of-your-Commercial-Roof-Commercial-Roofers-in-Fort-Worth-TXIt is said that if a roof reaches the age of 20, it’s the right time to think about getting a new one. Well, this might be true for all those roofing in Fort Worth, TX, which face a lack of attention from the owners. However, by monitoring and keeping a check, the longevity of a commercial roof can easily be enhanced.

The longevity of a roof comes with the level of its durability and sustainability. And suitability is the name of withstanding extreme temperatures, changing climatic conditions and normal wear and tear. Since the roof is an extremely significant part of a building, therefore, it requires extensive monitoring for the possible signs of deterioration as suggested by professional roofers in Fort Worth, TX.

These signs can also be in the form of leaked seals or exterior, cracks, missing granules, damaged shingles or growth of moss over the roof’s surface. While for some people, these are common issues due to normal wear and tear and need no immediate attention, only a few of us understand the importance of repairing these damages in a timely manner.

Moreover, all those, who truly believe in the significance of the commercial roof, never hesitate in taking adequate measures to avoid these issues, proactively. Same goes for the fact that with a constant check and inspection, the sustainability of a commercial roof can be improved up to a great level.


Ways to improve the suitability of a commercial roof in Fort Worth, TX

The reliability of a roof can be improved by following or adhering to some measures that are proven to be the best by roofers in Fort Worth, TX. If you are currently facing the cost of replacement or repair of a roof, then this insight will assist you in taking the correct measures ahead of time and avoid the unnecessary expense of future repair or replacement, for years to come.


Remove the debris from the roof

During the fall season or in windy weather, debris falls on the roof’s surface. Hence, the leaves, dirt or tree branches fall on the roof’s surface and give it a messy look with that accumulated debris. However, as bad as it looks apparently, the more severe concern is the damage it causes to the roof’s surface.

The fallen branches and other debris not only crack the roof’s membrane but also result in damaged shingles and broken granules. Moreover, this ultimately becomes the source of growing moss due to increased moisture inside the damaged sheets of a roof.


Inspection of roof drains and its cleaning

As we know that roof drains serve as a water path and facilitate the water flow off the roof’s surface. Similarly, the cleaning and inspection of roof drains should also be considered, for the smooth flow of water.

Commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX suggest this step in order to avoid the clogs, rust, and corrosion caused to drain pipes. This can easily be done by using fabricated drain boots for circular roof drains or by the installation of strainers over all drains to ensure long-lasting and watertight flashing. Also, the drain can be sealed with composite drain rings once the installation is completed.


Ensure the trimming of trees hanging over the building

As we discussed falling tree branches earlier, similarly, it is equally important to trim the trees that hang over the building’s roof. This should be done before the storms hits. In the case of a snow storm, the snow and ice accumulate on these branches, making them heavy and causing them to fall onto the roof’s surface.

This is not only harmful to your commercial roof’s surface but also can harm to people around or near the commercial building. The roofing in Fort Worth, TX is reliable, yet much more prone to such damages. Therefore, timely action will save your money as well as protect you from severe damage.


A check on trapped moisture within the roof’s surface

The most commonly observed problem by commercial roofers in Fort Worth, TX is the bubbling of the roof’s membrane. This happens in the case of an improper installation of a roof. The poorly installed roof may build up and trap moisture which on heating, can cause bubbling, swelling and even rippling over the roof’s areas where it is impossible for the moisture to escape.

The same goes for the roofs which are old and in service for several years. The wear and tear over the years and lack of maintenance make the situation even worse. Therefore, the best way to resolve this is by getting a timely inspection of your commercial roofing in Irvin, TX.


Timely inspection to avoid weather deteriorations

The best approach and the most neglected one is the regular inspection of commercial roofs. From the trapped moisture within the roof membrane to the ice dam and leaking water during snow storms, a timely inspection before a climate change always saves a lot of time and efforts along with some big bucks.

Along with seasonal checks, it is also a good approach to proactively check the drains and downspouts for possible clogging or rusting that would block the water flow and create more damage just like water ponding over the roof’s surface.


The discussed preventive measures not only reduce the expense of commercial roofing in Fort Worth, TX but also help in deterring the time-consuming and tiresome activity of repair/replacement in the future.

People often unnecessarily spend time and money on regular repair and replacements of a perfectly healthy roof. This is because of two basic reasons. Firstly, due to the lack the knowledge of measures that can severely avoid the need of replacement and secondly, incorrect guidance by some inexperienced roofers in Fort Worth, TX.

Therefore, if you are located in Fort Worth, TX and are looking for an expert roof analysis by a highly experienced team, then don’t hesitate to give Anderson Industrial Roofing a call and schedule the hassle free analysis of your roof now.

Don’t Risk It – Tips to Protect your Roof Next Winter | Roofers in Irving, TX

Tips-to-protect-your-Roof-this-winter-Roofers-in-Irving-TXAs we transit from fall into the winters, snowfall is expected in most areas. However, along with the beautiful sight of falling snow, it also brings some factors that need immediate attention. It is rightly said that winters are more of an occupation than a season.

It is also a common observation that winter season brings with it some detrimental factors that need appropriate attention and measures to avoid the loss. Whether it’s about protection of our dry skin or damage to a structure’s exterior—particularly a roof, the changed weather conditions demand attention.

Following that, it can be said that winter puts a lot of stress on a building’s roof. For instance, the ice, snow, freezing and melting conditions lead to severe problems over time. Therefore, the cleaning and caring of our roofs becomes crucial to maintain a roof’s durability during winters.

However, roofing in Irving, TX is very sensitive to weather conditions mainly because of the use of perishable asphalt material. Whether it’s the construction of a roof or protecting an existing roof during the winter season, it is essential to protect it wisely from hazards like icy conditions and strong winds proactively. Or else, we will only end up hiring roofers in Irving, TX and losing a good amount of money for the lack of care.

Some tips to avoid a roof’s damage during this winter season by professional roofers in Irving, TX

For your complete guidance, let us discuss some of the common issues faced during winter when It comes to roofing in Irving TX, and a few tips, right from the roofers in Irving, TX, to help protect a roof from  damage during winter.


The wind damages the roof’s surface

It does not take much for the wind to cause damage to a commercial roof system. Since many flat commercial roofs support the mounted HVAC systems, there is always a pitch to release the water from the roof’s surface. However, during winters, the strong wind allows the moisture to reach underneath the bitumen, sheets and EPDM roofing materials and causes sufficient damage to a roof’s surface.

The roofers in Irving, TX suggest that this problem can be avoided by ensuring the timely inspection of a roof before winter season and also by checking for the places where the seal can be observed (for instance, between the strips of a roofing material). Also, the signs of water damage or rusted flashing/metal fasteners are the indications of a roof’s damage.

Heavy snow buildup affects a roof’s sustainability

The roofing in Irving, TX is never far from facing big snowstorms. This results in heavy build-up of snow on the roofs of the commercial buildings, particularly on flat roof surfaces. Although many commercial buildings keep provision for these damages, but every building faces a challenge when it comes to the maximum weight limit that it can sustain. Therefore, the heavy build-up of the snow over the roof’s surface is a serious concern and puts extreme stress over the structural integrity of a roof.

However, these snow build-ups can now be worked around by opting for a comprehensive maintenance plan for your roof type, as suggested by professional roofers in Irving, TX.


The ambushed ice dams on the sloping roofs

Just like ponding water, ice dams are also one of the hazards of the winter season. Once the temperature in your area is above freezing, this causes the roof’s snow to melt and go down the sloping roofs. As soon as the snowmelt passes the colder eaves, it freezes again. Hence, if the same cycles continue for several days, it causes the freezing snowmelt to build up and ultimately forming an ice dam which leads to water ponding at the back.

However, since the ponding water leaks along the exterior walls, this indicates the presence of a dam of ice and requires immediate removal of snow to avoid leaking of the water under the roof covering and causing permanent damage.


Condensation shortens the lifespan of a roof drastically

Condensation is a process that occurs when warm air comes in contact with the cold surface.
As a result, the life span of a roof may be shortened by half due to inadequate ventilation. This will also end up in roof damage and ruin the roof’s deck. Moreover, it supports the ice dams which are itself a hazardous factor in winters and need to be avoided in order to help protect the roof.

As roofers in Irving, TX suggest, this problem can be resolved by ensuring the inspection of roofing in Irving, TX regularly and also by getting the ventilation systems properly in place to reduce the damage. However, neglect in dealing with this issue gives chance to excess water around the seams and over the roofing material, to cause severe damage to a building’s roof.


What can be done about it?

We know that a roof is an extraordinarily significant part of a building. When we stand in front of our conference room window, marveling at the beautiful sight of snowfall or rain, our roof is protecting our building as well as us while bearing all the weather conditions and hazards, itself.

While very few of us keep a check on these hazards, making sure all is fine above our heads by taking adequate measures, some of us simply neglect the need and assume that things are going fine. Hence, such negligence on our part, results in costing us much more than initially hiring an expertise of a professional roofer in Irving, TX as a precautionary measure.

This insight on the possible issues and tips can help you in understanding the types of issues that are mostly neglected by us. However, it also emphasizes on the fact that an adequate roofing solution comes with the expertise of a professional.

Therefore, if you are located in Irving, TX and need more professional insight to solve your roofing problems, simply explore the portfolio of Anderson Industrial Roofing as your first choice of professional service providers, as they provide exceptional services to solve all kinds of roofing problems.

Things You Must Know About Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Irving, TX

Things-You-Must-Know-About-Polyurethane-Foam-Roofing-in-Irving-TXWhile sentimental appeal is still attached to the thought of using natural building materials, some insurance companies either don’t cover it at all or charge much more for coverage of a building with a roof built of materials, like wood. This is mainly because of the fact that these materials are more prone to catching fire or deteriorating with climatic conditions than the roofs coated with advanced systems, such as polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX.

The quality and method of roofing are therefore, vital for the survival of any building or structure. Apart from the array of benefits available online for you to read, this is also important in order to maintain a certain level of convenience in terms of its replacement/repair and the heavy cost attached to it.

For the same reason, there is an increasing trend of using Polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX nowadays. Without a doubt, the SPF roofing system serves as the finest roofing system in Irvin, TX due to its severe resistance to wind, heat, and rain, that are just a few amongst the common weather conditions observed in Irving, TX.

A lot of people make bad judgments in choosing the right roofing system for their building, since they are unaware of the reasons for which they should opt for polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX.

Hence, you must know and choose the SPF roofing system as your best choice in Irving TX, for the following reasons:

  • To have a monolithic seal to cover the entire roof deck and make it leak-free
  • To get the self-flashing roofing system which offers no joints, transitions, fasteners or cracks that can leak
  • To get major energy savings through the high insulation value, provided by the roof system
  • To build a roof system with wind lift resistance and strong adhesion.
  • To get a roof system which is light weighted as well as high in strength.
  • To avail a roof system that is both UL approved and supported with FM system
  • To get sustainable and energy efficient – GREEN roofing system
  • To get long-lasting results and reliability for your roof deck.


A few things to consider during the application of Polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX

People opt for the SPF roofing system because they cannot afford to have a roof that leaks frequently. As good as it sounds on the surface, it is also important to carry out the application of Polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX efficiently by giving consideration to the factors discussed below.

The optimal climate for the application of an SPF roof

The best climate for the application of the SPF roof system is warm, dry and not windy. Opting for the installation of the SPF roof system without considering the climate can negatively impact the process. This can lead to inter-laminar blistering and failure of the solution to adhere efficiently due to moisture on the substrate.

Since the installation specs are strict for Polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX, this should only be taken up after examining the weather conditions. For instance, if the region is humid, breezy or often cool, then the better approach would be to avoid or halt the installation of SPF roofing system until the weather conditions are acceptable or favorable for it to continue.


The rough areas on the roof’s surface

Another important factor to consider during the SPF installation is the way in which the spray is applied to the surface. Since the service providers use a two-hose setup in order to deliver the combination of chemicals, the slightest variation in the spraying process may end up in uneven areas on the surface of the roof. Moreover, these (also known as bird pecks) may create shallow ponds that would hold water and in turn deteriorate and shorten the life span of the roof’s top coat.

Therefore, well-planned and sufficient roof drainage is vital in the interest of a low-slope roof. This is also one crucial area where an inexperienced worker may make the application process of polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX, a tough nut to crack.


The pre-installation measures

If the installation of polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX is carried out efficiently and the roofing materials are coated every 10-15 years, this roofing system promises to protect the roof’s surface of a building for many years to come without losing its effectiveness.

Speaking of which, SPF is recommended to be installed over an existing roof. Also, to ensure its reliability and adherence, it is necessary to completely remove all the loose metal, gravel or bits of old roof surface before spraying.


Safety measures

As much as the protection of the roof’s deck is important, it is equally important to safeguard yourself by taking all the appropriate safety measures during the installation process of SPF. This includes protection from the hazardous fumes that are emitted during the process and can be dangerous for the people inside or around the building area.

For instance, the spray, being sticky in nature, readily sticks to anything that comes in its way. Even the slightest breeze can pass the spray to the closest structures and hence, make its removal a tedious activity. Similarly, the risk of inhaling the SPF’s ingredient called isocyanate, makes it mandatory to adhere to the OSHA safety regulations.


Discussed above are just a few things that should be considered while opting for polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX. Skimping on any of these may result in reduced adherence of the roofing solution along with affecting the useful life of the roof.

Hence, to avoid this ordeal, pay attention to these factors to achieve, by far the most superior roofing system —polyurethane foam roofing in Irving, TX.

Moreover, all these above-mentioned factors can be worked around easily by hiring the expertise of a professional service provider. It might sound like a hectic job to spend time searching for the best service provider in town. However, you can save some hours of your day by simply exploring the portfolio of the leading and professional service of Anderson Industrial Roofing as they take the satisfaction of their customers as their top priority.

Getting Professional Help for a Roof Sustaining Water Damage in Fort Worth, TX

Getting-Professional-Help-for-a-Roof-Sustaining-Water-Damage-in-Fort-Worth-TXOftentimes, people fail to realize the importance of a roof above their heads. However, they do agree with the fact that a roof is the most significant part of a structure.

The significance of a roof lies within its ability to protect us from the outer world and its deteriorating factors. Accordingly, our responsibility is simply to monitor and keep a timely check on its repair and maintenance.

The timely maintenance of a roof improves the roof’s sustainability against the various factors such as climatic and seasonal changes, extreme temperatures and normal wear and tear. Similarly, a roof installed by professional roofers in Fort Worth, TX serves for years to come without costing you heavy bucks for its repair and maintenance.

While we spend our days assuming that all is well above our heads, the mighty roof might be sustaining water damage and deteriorating at a much higher rate than what is usually expected.

Although extensive information is readily available to help you in choosing different types of roofing in Fort Worth, TX, very little information is available about the normal wear and tear of a roof that would possibly lead to a much severe issue—like a roof sustaining water damage.


However, before we plan our next roof analysis with the help of a professional roofer in Fort Worth, TX, we need to find answers to these two major questions first:

  1. What are the reasons that may cause a roof to sustain water damage?
  2. What factors should be considered before hiring a professional roofer in Fort Worth, TX?


Top three reasons that may cause a roof to sustain water damage


All roofing in Fort Worth, TX faces the usual wear and tear. However, a roof that allows water to run down through it is an indication of a poorly maintained and an unhealthy roof. While you somehow manage the crumbling ceilings and water leaks, there is a possibility that your insurance company might not cover the cost of repairing such damages.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the top signs of a roof sustaining water damage.

Look for the missing or damaged shingles

One of the most neglected signs that result in water damage is missing shingles. Although this is considered as normal wear and tear due to the gusts of wind, what many people forget is the fact it leaves part of the roof exposed to the elements, which further leads to water damage.

Roofers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that you should keep a regular check on the missing shingles. Also, the same is the case for asphalt shingles with curling edges or cracked shingles. All of this is easily repairable with some basic measures, if noticed timely.


Search for the lost granules of a roof

Do you know that it is essential to look for the missing granules and keep a regular check on them? While it’s normal for a healthy roof to lose the granules, the problem arises with an inconsistent loss of granule, a lot of them, for several days. This shows that the roof is suffering from deterioration and has left the area exposed that would lead to water damage ultimately.


Check for sunlight through the roof beams

When we see the sweet sunshine making its way through a roof beam, it suddenly reveals to us that the same can be true with water as well. In order to confirm the possibly of water damage due to a cracked roof, roofers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that we should check the insulation. In the case, if we find any moisture signs around it, this means that now we have a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.


Things to check before hiring a commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX

While the problem of water damage to a roof comes to an end with the help of hiring a professional roofer, another problem lies in choosing the experienced and professional roofer in Fort Worth, TX. However, finding one by keeping some basic factors in mind may significantly increase the chance of hiring the contractor who fits perfectly for our roofing needs.


Whether you are being proactive or need an immediate roof repair, there are a few things that you need to be sure of. Therefore, let’s have a look at some of these basic essentials of professional contractors:

Check for the contractor’s license

A professional service provider always provides contractors who are properly licensed. It is essential to check the proof of bonding and licensing as you would not like to end up with endless legal troubles for yourself. Moreover, make sure that the contractor is familiar with all the special needs in accordance with your type of roof.


Know the current workload of a contractor

While hiring a commercial roofer in Fort Worth, TX, make sure you know about their current workload. This may include current projects and the number of employees assigned to a specific project. Moreover, you must also know if any of the project work will be subcontracted.


Discuss the steps of the installation process of a roof

One of the potential don’t of installing a roofing system is overlooking the workmanship and installation process. Whether it’s a repair, regular analysis or installation of a new roof, be sure to ask about all the steps that would be taken in the completion of the specific project. That may include the pre-installation cleaning of the roof deck or the availability of sufficient insulation in case of roof recovers.


To conclude, although the water damage problems can easily be worked around by hiring a professional contractor in Fort Worth, TX, similarly, failure in making the right choice in hiring a professional contractor may bring down the quality of the whole roofing project drastically.

Therefore, if you are located in Fort Worth and are searching for an experienced professional service provider, then do not hesitate to explore the portfolio of Anderson Industrial Roofing. Give them a call and schedule the next best analysis for your roof now.

Polyurethane Foam Roofing Application by a Professional in Fort Worth, TX

Polyurethane-Foam-Roofing-Application-by-a-Professional-in-Fort-Worth-TXDo you know that the groundwork for foam roofing was done by Otto Bayer along with his team in 1937? However, polyurethane foam roofing did not become available until 1952.

Initially, polyurethane foam was used in refrigeration and industrial projects like insulation. It was in the early 70s that polyurethane foam was applied for protection of the roof’s surface.

Speaking of which, often times, people fail to realize the necessity and importance of the roof above their heads. Nevertheless, it is one of the basic parts of a structure and sometimes, the most neglected one.

While extensive information is available online to choose from the different types of roofing systems, very little information and guidance is available for carrying out the job perfectly.


An overview of Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX

Before we further discuss the steps that reflect a professional application of polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX, let’s have a look at the basic features of an SPF roofing system.

Life Span

The life expectancy of polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX depends upon the installation process. In fact, with a well-planned installation, the foam has a potential to last much longer. Similarly, if coated every 10-15 years, there is no estimation of age when the foam would start losing its effectiveness.

Application of SPF

The SPF, as the name indicates, is Spray-Applied Foam. The spraying of foam helps in filling the cracks and gaps of the roof deck. For this purpose, sophisticated spraying machines are used along with long hoses to achieve maximum results without constantly relocating the pump. Once sprayed, the foam then forms a hard surface after it gets solidified.

Maintenance of Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX

When polyurethane foam roofing is coated with silicon, it helps fight against UV ray deteriorations. Although the old coatings need not be removed before applying a new one, however, the roof must be power washed.

As suggested by professionals, there should be a yearly inspection of the roofing material. Also, the damages of less than 3” in diameter should be fixed by using sealant. However, for the more severe damages, the area needs to be recoated and cleaned again.

The Cost and Accessibility

With maintenance, comes the cost. The use of polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX costs a bit higher than other roofing systems. However, the low labor cost and long-lasting effectiveness make SPF much cheaper than roofing systems like membrane along with comparable results.

Moreover, despite weighing so less, polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX is effective in resisting normal wear and tear and walking. The spray foam is solid and provides stringent resistance against pressure as well as different climatic conditions.

The application of Polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX through the eyes of a professional

The life span of SPF roofing mainly depends upon the correct application process. A slight variation or negligence in carrying out the process may lead to severe and irrecoverable damage to a roof’s surface. Therefore, it’s important to hire only professional service providers in order to avoid the damages that might occur much earlier than expected!

Here are a few steps that are taken by a professional in the application of polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX.

Preparation in accordance with different roof types

Polyurethane foam comes in handy with its ability to be applied over any substrate. This helps in reducing the cost of tear-off. Also, in some cases, it involves simple cleaning or securing of the roof’s surface. However, in case of;

  • A roof with ballast (built-up), this can be removed with the use of wet-vac. And a roof without ballast can be cleaned just with the help of water-blasting or blowing. Same is applicable for metal roofs.
  • A Single-ply roof is cleaned by removal of the membrane. Additionally, boards may be screwed down to cover the membrane.

Spraying Polyurethane foam

After the preparation of the roof, foam is sprayed. An effective spray of polyurethane is a mixture of two components (a polyol and isocyanate). This mixture expands up to 20 times of its volume, forming a seamless layer of foam. Moreover, in just four hours, the foam becomes ready for walking and reaches 90% of its full strength.

Also, the R6.5 to R7 per inch insulation value makes it the most efficient thermal insulation available in the market. Since the polyurethane creates a self-flashing, fully adhered and monolithic roof surface, it covers up the cost of a roof system easily and reduces the contraction and expansion of a building.

Silicone Basecoat

In order to protect the roof surface from UV light, normal wear and tear, and weather, two layers of (elastomeric silicone) coating are used. Also, a contrasting dark color is used in the basecoat to provide complete coverage.

In addition, the polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX can be recoated repeatedly. However, the silicone caulk repairs most of the roof’s damage and leaves the finished roof with almost no maintenance requirements.

The embedded granules and silicone topcoat

As a final touch to the perfectly light-weighted polyurethane foam roof, a light gray topcoat is applied to reduce the thermal gain. However, the additional layer of the embedded silicone granules in a topcoat drastically increases the life span of the roof system.


The SPF roofing systems add little to a structural load, but reduce an electrical bill by as much as 50 percent. Particularly, the polyurethane foam roof weighs less than the removed ballast from the existing roof, however, this advantage is only achievable with the proper application of polyurethane foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX.

Also, all these above-mentioned factors can be worked around easily by hiring the expertise of a professional service provider. It might sound like a hectic job to spend time searching for the best roofer in town, but it’s time to simply explore the expert portfolio of Anderson Industrial Roofing as they offer top-notch service for their customers.

The Ultimate Guide on Polyurethane Foam Roofing | Roofers in Fort Worth, TX

The-ultimate-guide-on-Polyurethane-Foam-Roofing-Roofers-in-Fort-Worth-TXThe most neglected aspect of any home is the roof, even though it is arguably the most important component of any home. Many people have the common misconception that roofs are built to last a lifetime, but this the furthest thing from the truth. An average roof has a life span of 10-15 years, but only if the roof is well maintained. The reason behind the rapid deterioration of roofs is due to the elastic properties present in the materials that are used to construct roofs.

These materials expand in the summer and the contract in the winter, this continuous expansion and contraction causes the internal membrane of the roofing system to deteriorate and with time the whole structure can be compromised. If our roofs are left to their own devices, then within a matter of years the internal membrane will no longer be able to serve its purpose. These roofs will start cracking, leakages will start appearing, and there is a high chance that the roof might collapse.

However, instead of investing heavily in roofing projects, people can easily just contact a roofer that provides Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Fort Worth TX. This is the perfect choice for people who simply do not require a roofing project, or do not want to deal with the constant hammering of nails and heavy machinery. Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Fort Worth TX has now become the latest craze and almost every other roofer in Fort Worth TX has started specializing in this service. Due to the sudden increase in demand for Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX, many companies have even diversified into this line. This ensures that every homeowner is spoiled for choice when it comes to finding roofers who offer Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Fort Worth TX.

What is Polyurethane Foam Roofing?

Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Fort Worth TX is a plastic material that is sprayed in a liquid form. It creates a thick layer and has elastic properties which helps improve the integrity of the roof by a substantial margin. This spray was first introduced back in the 60s and has the potential of minimizing energy costs by a staggering 30%. Previously it was only limited to commercial buildings but now it has become popular in residential settings as well and is now considered a core prerequisite of roof top maintenance.

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam

Given below are some benefits of Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX, these benefits are the underlining reason why Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX has become such a huge success.


The first and most profound benefit of Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX is the fact that this spray has the capacity of seamlessly integrating with any type of roofing structure. The seamless integration ensures that there is zero chance of any leaks and reduces the chance of any harmful UV rays entering the premises.

Strengthens the integrity of flashing leaks

The weakest points of any roof is the flashing, these flashing structures are the most prone to crack and leak due to their structure. Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX can be used to improve the integrity of flashing such as pipes, HVAC systems, vents, and skylights. The coating ensures that an extra layer of protection is provided to each flashing and ensures that no flashing can cause leaks.


Another advantage of Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX is the fact that this product can be applied to any roofing structure. These days almost every other roof is unique in its own perspective, some have different angles while others are constructed using different materials. So, it does not matter what type of roofing structure your home has, Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX can easily be applied within a matter of minutes.

Reduces the chances of thermal shock

Large buildings used in commercial or industrial context have a higher probability of thermal shock, but now thanks to Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX every building can be protected. The foam has a high content of R value and since it seamlessly integrates with the roof it provides an extra layer of protection against thermal shock. Thermal shock normally accrues due to rapid fluctuations in the weather, something we are very used to in Fort Worth TX.

Reduces the chance of any leaks

This one of the reason why Polyurethane Foam Roofing has become so popular all around the world, this foam provides a seamless added layer to the roofs surface. This added layer will not allow any water to seep through, even if a substantial amount of water is accumulated. So, before it starts pouring cats and dogs, we would recommend investing in Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX as soon as possible.

Easy to install

Another benefit of Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX is the fact most roofers can easily apply the foam within an hour’s time. The roofer will first clean the roof from any debris using high-pressure water pumps or with other tools, once the roof is free from any debris then they will use a spray gun to apply the foam. This is exactly why the cost of installation is nothing compared to other roofing projects.

Long lasting

If you are looking for a permanent fix for all of your roof related issues, then consider Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX to be the solution. This foam actually has the capacity of protecting your roof for approximately 15-20 years and does not require regular maintenance. This is exactly why most people prefer Polyurethane Foam Roofing Fort Worth TX compared to other roofing projects.

By now it should be apparent just how beneficial Polyurethane Foam Roofing in Fort Worth TX really is, most people are having their roofs sprayed after getting a new roof due to the extra layer of protection that this foam provides. Rest assured, you can easily find a roofer in Fort Worth TX that specializes in Polyurethane Foam Roofing. If you are located in Fort Worth and are searching for an experienced professional service provider, then do not hesitate to explore the portfolio of Anderson Industrial Roofing. Give them a call and schedule the next best analysis for your roof now.

The Ultimate Guide on Commercial Roofing Projects | Commercial Roofers in Irving, TX

The-Ultimate-Guide-on-Commercial-Roofing-Projects-Commercial-Roofers-in-Irving-TXWith the summers in full swing here in Irving TX, it is time for every business owner to start considering the damage their roofs have succumbed to. Many people do not realize that our roofs are not designed to last until the end of time, like everything else in this world even our roofing systems start deteriorating at an alarmingly fast rate. Our roofs are all constructed using material that has elastic properties, in the summers these components expand and during the winters these components contract.

This constant contracting and expansion takes a huge toll on the integrity of our roofs, especially in the case of commercial roofs. Domestic or residential roofs usually are not massive in size, but commercial roofs are a whole different story. This constant expansion and contraction takes causes the inner and outer layer of the roof to weaken, this gives room to cracks, leaks and there is a chance that a certain portion of the roof collapses. Besides this, in commercial roofing projects there are many different factors that a business owner has to consider before investing in any type of roofing project.

A residential owner will just have to consider how the project will disturb his or her household and the neighbors as well. But in commercial projects the business owner will have to make sure that the roofing project does not hamper the operation of the business in any way. The heavy machinery required and the extensive labor will transform the business location to a construction house. It can be incredibly difficult to work under such circumstances. But if these business owners keep neglecting their roofs, this could seriously constitute as a safety hazard and could result in substantial consequences.

This is exactly why it is imperative that every business owner consider hiring Commercial roofing in Irvine TX service to revamp their roofs to perfection. Since it is not every day that a business owner has to hire a commercial roofing in Irvine TX company, they often do not have the required knowledge to embark on a project that best suits their specifications. So for all the business owners out there who are considering hiring commercial roofing in Irvine TX service, we have articulated a list of the most common types of commercial roofing types that are currently dominating the market. These commercial roofing projects are:

Thermoplastic Roofing

This is probably the most common type of commercial roofing project that most commercial property owners are investing in. These roofing systems are constructed using extremely durable material with a high tolerance of varying temperatures.. Most commercial roofing in Irvine TX companies can actually complete this project in couple of days, and this roofing can have a lifespan of more than twenty years. This commercial roofing in Irvine TX is highly resistant to fire and also has the capacity of withstanding even the harshest weather.

EPDM Roofing

Another popular commercial roofing project that many business owners are investing in are EPDM roofing structures. These roofs are extremely easy to install as they do not require heavy machinery or extensive labor to install. This is exactly why most business property owners consider this as the foremost choice when it comes to commercial roofing in Irving TX. These roofs are extremely durable and also have elastic properties. Many people have the common misconception that these roofs are a temporary fix, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. EPDM roofing structure can last more than twenty years and to top it off these roofs do not require regular maintenance.

Photovoltaic solar panels

With energy costs rising in Irving TX and all around the world, it has become imperative that every commercial and domestic property owner invests in roofing structures that start paying for themselves. This type of roofing structure provides a renewable, sustainable energy that is eco-friendly. Although installing such roofing structures will require substantial time and also require extensive labor and heavy machinery, they are extremely popular when it comes to commercial roofing in Irving TX. A layer of PV panels are used to cover most of the roof’s surface area, these panels utilize sonar energy that will help the business save substantial costs on energy.

Green roofs

Out of all the commercial roofing projects in Irving TX, green roofs have experienced a surge in demand over a very short period of time. This roofing structure is normally installed on flat commercial roofs and requires allocation of a certain area for a patch of vegetation. This vegetation includes soil and a waterproof membrane that has the capacity of significantly improving the building’s insulation.

Modified roofing structures

Modified roofing structures are the perfect choice for commercial property owners that are looking for a permanent fix. These roofing structures basically constitute of flat roofs, but additional layers of roofing membrane are added to improve the durability of these roofs. Most commercial roofing in Irvine TX companies actually highly recommend these roofing structures, especially in the case of commercial property as they can easily be installed within no time. If that’s not enough, these roofing structures can easily be installed for nominal costs and do not require heavy machinery, this ensures that the operation of the business is not hampered in any way.

Which roofing structure is the best for your commercial property?

By now you should have gained substantial insight about the different roofing projects available in the market today. Rest assured, most commercial roofers in Irvine TX have all the tools in their arsenal to install these roofs to perfection. However, choosing the right roofing structure for your property might be a little tricky due to the array of options available. This is exactly why we would recommend that every commercial property owner contacts a contractor that specializes in commercial roofing in Irving TX. Most roofers will inspect the property free of cost and will provide their expert opinion on which roofing structure is the most appropriate. These roofers will inspect your property from every angle and will then provide their structure recommendation after taking into consideration the budget that you have allocated.

Before you embark on a commercial roofing project in Irving TX, please contact the most reputable roofers in your area and have them provide you with their expert opinion. When searching for an experienced professional service provider, then do not hesitate to explore the portfolio of Anderson Industrial Roofing. Give them a call and schedule the next best analysis for your roof now.